Yes! The color of your dress matters!

We girls have a peculiar inclination towards one colour or the other. Is it some connection created by almighty, that whenever we go shopping, most of the times we end up with the same color or its variants? Well, the colour you pick says a lot about you in nano seconds. It can actually convey a lot about your personality and your current mood. You think all this is a sham? Let me throw light on the different shades you wear and their connection with your mood:

§    Black
When it is about being sexy, black seems to be an unbeatable shade. Black signifies power and sophistication. This somber color is perfect for every evening and give you the feel of a princess. When you wear this shade you get a sense of authority in you, a feel of confidence. The little black dress is a part and parcel of every girl’s wardrobe.

§    Purple
It is said that creative people wears the purple the most! Purple is the colour of inspiration, I guess this may be the reason I feel so motivated and come with loads of ideas when I wear purple. Such is the power of purple shade!


§    Red
The most sensational and controversial of the lot is the shade of red. The color which is associated with love, passion and lust. I bet whenever you wear a red lustrous dress in any party, you must have made the heads turn. Red is a perfect color for office wear as well as for party and peppy evenings. Paint the town red!!

§    Yellow
The sunny shade yellow is the perfect for a carefree mood. This colour certainly brings cheerfulness and optimism to your life. If you feel the need of adding a little laughter to your life, do think of buying some yellow shade wardrobe.

§    White
White is as calm as the water of a lake. It brings a sort of serenity and rejuvenation to your thoughts and life. A plain white dress brings such a charm to the wardrobe that no colour ever can. This colour is perfect for a simple yet stunning look.


§    Blue
Blue is the soothing shade in the palette and probably the most trusting one. Blue and its variants provide a comfy look, which reflects the sense of relaxation. When you wear blue, the people feel less reluctant to take your help; maybe this is the reason the people in the hospitality industry are often spotted wearing blue.

§    Orange
Orange is synonymous to fun and enjoyment. This color is the perfect ingredient for making a bold statement and grabbing the eyeballs with just one gaze. So, whenever you feel like being a party animal, orange is your territory!

Colors, they do define you by being your companion in your journey of life. Sometimes you become fond of one colour and suddenly a different shade becomes your favourite. But, indeed this rainbow of different shades in your wardrobe makes a life worth complimenting!

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