Wines and their Pronunciation Final Part 6

Well Thatslyf brings to you our last take on our list of  Wines and their correct Pronunciation. Relish them on the go…

Tempranillo tem prah NEE yoh
Tinto TEEN toe
Tre Venezie trae veh NETZ ee ae
Vacqueyras vah keh rahs
Vaillons vye yon
Valmur vahl moor
Valpolicella val po lee CHEL lah
Vaudésir voh deh zeer
Vendange Tardive vahn dahnj tahr deev
Veneto VEN eh toh
Verdejo ver DAY ho
Verdicchio ver DEE key oh
Vernaccia di San Gimignano ver NOTCH cha dee san jee mee NYAH noh
Vinho VEEN yo
Vinho Verde VEEN yo VAIRD
(Vino) Nobile di Montepulciano NO be lay dee mon tay pul chee AH no
Viognier vee oh nyay
Vosne-Romanée vone roh mah nay
Vouvray voo vray
Wachau va COW
Weissburgunder VICE boor gun der
Wien vee EN
Xinomavro ksee NO mav roe


Here is our link to the previous list of wines. Go learn the A to Z of the Gourmet Drink..

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We will be back soon with something totally new and exciting for you to come to us daily.. with our Spot the Error FYI coming soon, to hone your Grammar skills… Till then Cheerio…

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