Why You Should Follow Your Passion?

“If you don’t write when you don’t have time for it, you won’t write when you do have time for it.”
― Katerina Stoykova Klemer

This one quote redefined my life at one point of time. Writing is my passion, the thing I love the most in this world. One fine day I had to take a tough decision of leaving behind the passion of my life and get into the rat race of earning money and making a career. That very day, I came across this quote, which gave me the powerful answer to my question.


Each of us is different, we have our own set of aspirations, perceptions and passions. But we always feel the lack of time for pursuing our passions, for the simple reason, that we have to earn a living. You may start believing that you are not so blessed that you could be allowed to walk on the path that connects you to your passion.

Well, that’s not true!

There are a number of individuals who are following their passions and making a living together. All you need is to get off the thinking that says that you can never follow your passion and still earn money at the same time. Just talk with yourselves because many a times the case is that individuals are not even aware of the fact that what they love or what makes them happy. They simply get way too much submerged in their 10 to 5 jobs and think that’s lyf, which is just a sham.

Now, the main element of the story, why is it so important for you to have a passion in your life? Read further:

 Brings a smile
According to the research Statistics, 90% of the individuals feel suffocated in their respective jobs. They dislike what they do and for what they are paid. I agree, it is not so easy, to get the job of your dream, thanks to factors of recession. But at least when you take out a little time for your passion, you get the chance of doing what you love. By this you get back the smile that eventually fades away from your face due to hectic job schedules.


 Makes life a better place
When you pursue your passion, you feel special. When you feel special, you certainly forget all the pain your life has given you. You forget your job troubles; all you see is what a great life you have, where you can do what you love.


 Boosts the confidence
When you pursue what you love, i.e. your passion, you certainly feel a lot more confident. The level of confidence is all due to the fact that you master the skill you are passionate about. There are times that we lose our confidence level to a great extend, at such interjections, the ray of passion brings back the lost confidence level.


 Allow you to be you
Yes! We don a number of roles in our professional life. We are boss to some and junior to some. But when we spend time with our passion, we are neither a boss nor a junior, we are we. This way we spend time with ourselves and can grab those happiness petals which are scattered all the day long due to various engagements. You can feel the power when you do what you want to do. Never linger on things that you love, just because of the time dynamics.

 You feel lucky

Remember, if someone loves his job, the one phrase we tell them is ‘You are lucky’, isn’t it? So, why gives this luxury to feel lucky only to others. You are also included in that lucky people list, if you also start thinking about your passions and make way for them. Be lucky!


If you also are unaware about what your passion is, take out time and think what you love doing. Having a passion in life is equally important as is earning. Learn your passion. If you also have any experience where you discovered your passion or how you are managing to pursue it, do share with us.

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