Why saying ‘NO’ is as important as is saying ‘YES’?

Yes, No, ummm.. No.. no.. Yes…!!

This thing is called, Yes-ing or No-ing, which has occupied as much as 80% of our life. Why you have to say Yes, for everything or why you can’t say No for certain things? You surely need to stop this habit of ‘Yes-ing’ to value yourself and maintain that aspect of being a precious human who matters, whose desires, thinking and willingness matters.


Always remember, it’s you and only you who should be on the top priority. If you don’t stop this habit of saying Yes to everything, one day you will surely end up somewhere in a disastrous situation. If we continue to please others, pleasing our own self always take a back seat. We forget to give our own self some time, space and most importantly, the importance.

Here are certain concrete reasons why saying a ‘No’ is as important as is saying a ‘Yes’:

Saying No does not mean you are MEAN


In which dictionary is it mentioned that a NO is synonymous with being mean? This is just what you feel, think and relate to. A healthy No is nothing but a normal way of conveying your perspective. You are a human, you have a complete right to make your own choices. If your choice is No, you need to say that in a subtle and healthy way. Chapter over!

Saying Yes, everytime is worse


Doing a thing you can’t even relate to, just for the sake of avoiding saying a No is a sin and a total injustice. Do, what your heart says so that fresher and deeper thinking and connections can be established.

Abandon the title of being People pleaser


So, you are tagged by your peers as people pleaser? Is it because you are afraid to say No to your Boss, your colleagues, your family and friends. Is that tag robbing your peace and joy? Well, peace is a priceless thing that one must have in their life. When you say No, you will achieve that inherent peace as you are saved from the burden of doing an unwanted thing.

You learn what is called the power of selection


Saying a No gives the choice to select and pick things and situations which are worth picking. By this, you stay focused on your choice with full energy to invest in the choice. The power of selection can make a huge difference to one’s mental energy.

Saves you some ‘your’ time


Less commitments mean more of time for yourself! With the presence of more time, you can hone up your skills or delve yourself in your passions. Also, you can spend this saved time with your loved ones and strengthen your bond.

Happiness quotient

When you say no for the things you don’t feel right about, your heart feels happy and there is a considerable rise in your happiness quotient. This inner harmony is worthy!

Mann und Frau Konzept - Yes / No

You indeed have to learn to draw the line somewhere and say No, because always saying ‘Yes’ is nothing less than a blaze which will end up destroying you. Trust me, master the skills of being honest, it is a gigantic blessing.

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