Naukari, Only Sarkari..!!

Today’s job scenario is similar to entering a new restaurant offering a variety of scrumptious meals, but still ending up ordering the regular Kadhai Paneer and Dal Makhni. Let me throw more light on this; when you graduate from your respective colleges, you strive to do something different and create a place for yourself, but when the harsh reality spills water on your dreams, the rescue comes in the form of running behind the ‘Government Job’ a.k.a ‘Sarkari Naukri’.
While some have an inclination for the same, others are being jockeyed along by their parents without paying heed to what the child wants. While some parents may give a justified explanation, others, usually have frivolous reasons for the Gen X to switch to the Government sector.  If you are in a Government Sector or preparing for the same because your parents gave you some valid reasons for you to be in a Government Job, you might find this article, bringing back the memories of those days when your parents were still motivating you to join the Government job. Check out the menu of reasons for this dish being served by parents of today and relish:
1.    Because Panditji has said ladka IAS banega

This is one of the most frequent and common reasons heard umpteen times and from nearly every parent. The Panditji for his dakshina can say whatever the parents are happy to hear. But this is seldom understood by our naïve parents. Alas! Do what the Panditji has said or drive your car as far as possible from the Ponga Pandits ashram to save your dream.

2.    Because We dreamed you to be in Government sector
This is the next most clichéd statement and emotional mantra used as a magical wand by parents to which have succumbed many innocent souls. “Mera Laal” doesn’t listen to my only wish. Uff. This melodrama is all thanks to Bollywood masala flicks of the late 70s.

3.    Because your Grandfather was an IAS officer-
Well, this is implied upon you by default if someone in your family is in the same field, especially if he is your Grandfather or Great Grandfather. They would not stop boasting of all the facilities and the benefits that you get as a Government servant. To add to this his fleet of servants, which, according to him you get only with a government job would be laughing at your arguments. Aaaargh..!!


4.    Because Nobody in the family is in this sector
This one is paradoxical to the former yet very true. It clings to the fact that Pride of being the First one in a family is a big gain. Suddenly you get recognition even in the eyes of those Chachas, Chachis, Mausis and many more who never even knew if you ever went to school or not. Show off!! Well, that’s lyf.

5.    Because you have the personality
Yet another atyaachar on the “Maa ka Laadlas and Laadlis” is that several people might have for different reasons told you, how your persona is so different that you are not cut out for any Private job or that glow on your face says you should be out an out a Government Employee preferably an IAS or an IPS. How can this be justified ever to persuade one to join the Public Sector, is way ahead of my weirdest imaginations.

6.    Because the Neighbor’s son and everyone else your parents know is preparing for the same
Isn’t it strange, that when your parents argue, they bring with them, solid evidences and proofs which even the ACP Pradyuman from CID won’t be able to find if he were given incharge of finding all the people preparing for the Government Job in the whole of your city. But, your parents have all the list and names of people and their children who have succeeded and others who are on the verge of cracking the much hyped and revered job sector. This leaves no grounds for you to lock horns any further.

7.    Because you have to work less

This is quirkiest of all the valid reasons put forth until now. Even if you wish to join Government Sector, it is no valid a reason to not work and get high pay. The sole reason why we blame our government is the approach with which we ourselves join the government. Chuck it guys..

8.    Because it is the only Job
The crowning of all the reasonings  so far done is by saying that if it is not Government Job, it is not a job at all. It is secured, recession proof, and blah blah blah. The blabbering in the end was to accentuate on the fact that by now, the child surrenders, stops the discussion and admits to sit for the government sector.
Whether gradual or rapid but there is a shift for sure in the minds of parents of today regarding how the career of their child should shape up. Though a bit relaxed and “let him decide” attitude is shown by some parents, majority still think that it is their right to decide their children’s future. This change might be gradual, until then, savor the dish being served by your parents. It is not so bland after all.
Share if you have any other weird or out of the box reasons that your parents cited while motivating you to go for Sarkari Naukri..!!

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