Why am I not happy?

Take 2 minutes and read this conversation between two people A and B.
A: I am not feeling happy with my life; there is something that makes me unhappy.
B: What happened dude? What is causing an obstruction on your path towards a happy self?
A: I don’t know, but I am not happy.
B: hmm…


Simply put, this conversation is the reality of each one of us including me. We are all living, but no one is happy. So, what is the reason that is making us unhappy? Robbing yourself of the peace and happiness is an instant and a very easy thing. So, what exactly are you doing that is turning you unhappy. What’s that habit which is hurting you? Read more as we are here to unleash those things, habits and thinking which are robbing you of happiness:

1. I focus on everyone’s story that I forget to write my own

‘Wow, that person has done so much and achieved so much! I wish I could do the same.’ Tell me who has stopped you from giving wings to your success story? Why are you weighing yourself down with the burden of things, people and most importantly time? Keep your goals so close to your heart that you just can’t keep yourself off from them even for a minute. Dedicate your time wisely to keep your success story going instead of just feeling sorry for yourself on what you couldn’t achieve. The point is, if you work diligently to achieve something, there is nothing in the world that can keep you away from accomplishing it.

2. I meet the same people and do the same things every day

We live a monotonous life that revolves around the same set of people, work, TV shows and even magazines. Have you ever thought what influences are these things bringing on your life? Are these things dragging you down or lifting up your spirit? To maintain a positive thinking, it is of great importance to spend less time with things that drag you down and spend more time on things that make you feel motivated and most importantly happy. Just take a few minutes out of your schedule and think on this platform; this can indeed bring back the doze of happiness.

3. I just can’t accept any change in my life

‘Change is the only thing that is constant.’ Why you resist the change and the changes that the change brings? Indeed, the change does not come without any discomfort or pain, but is it right to remain on the same platform for the rest of the life? Even the day change, the season change, the calendar change; so why you can’t go with the change? Life is full of changes; some are positive while some are negative and thatslyf! Learn to accept the change instead of fighting to remain where you are.

4. Hold on to feelings, fears and worries

Feelings of hatred, worries and fears are something that each one of us hold for long and keep inside us. Keeping such feelings inside us, eventually starts controlling our lives and at the end of the day we forget to whom such feelings were ejected; all we remember is that we hate or we have a worry or a fear. Don’t let these feelings take a permanent space in your mind and heart and slowly eat you up. Let go of the feelings, the things and the people that bring such feelings to you. Learn to move on in life and look at the bigger picture.

5. I will become happy when the perfect moment will come

What is this concept of the perfect moment? How do you define a perfect moment? Every moment is perfect; all you need to do is to take a moment out and roll it on the path of happiness. Learn to take the chances and the opportunities that come your way. Imperfections are the only thing in your life that makes your life perfect. And if you still believe in that perfect moment fairy tale. Please read our earlier post on You’re simply perfect in your simple imperfections ¬†and get a reality check!

6. Money is Honey

A lot many of us are working for nothing more than a worthy paycheck. Working without having an interest in the work is nothing less than a prison. By interest, I don’t expect you to be passionate about your work; but a little interest must be there to keep the ball rolling. When your life is designed with a job that doesn’t interest you; you suffer every day and every moment of it. Don’t work just to pay the monthly bills. This way you will spend the rest of your life wishing about the road not taken. Think, the work comprises of a big percentage of your life. Ignore the people and the money. Don’t go for the work that will define you. Having an interest in the work will not only bring a quality output but happiness and peace of mind. Life is more than a paycheck!


Believe me, readers, it’s not the people, the things or the situations that make you unhappy. You yourself is making yourself unhappy! You don’t require to go miles to make yourself happy; it’s all within you. Just a little change in the way of thinking and perceiving things can bring a lot of difference and turn your unhappy self into a happy one. It’s quite easy to be happy and remain happy.

Keep reading, keep growing; coz a happy face is what we want for Thatslyf!

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