What’s Your Strange Reason For Coffee?

Starbucks, Barista, Café Coffee Day, and many more such cafés are becoming a recent hit these days. What was the arena for the ‘Indian Coffee house’ alone at a point in time throughout India is seemingly losing its froth and foam to the well maintained, air conditioned expensive coffee lounges. Not keeping themselves restricted to the metro cities only, these cafés have interspersed and intermingled themselves so finely with the Indian highways and sub urban cities that they are becoming a soul inseparable from the GenX or GenY.

Each morning they are brewing awesome flavors of coffees and magnetizing people towards themselves. But there are people who also visit these cafés for more than just a cup of cappuccino. Let us unearth the possible reasons why people these days prefer coffee shops?

1. Free ka office, or Coffice: Yes, you heard it. The café lounges provide you well furnished, air conditioned and wifi enabled office facilities to all the free lancers, entrepreneurs and freshers. Consider you are a dietician and you want to run a business with minimal investments. Bingo, the coffee shop is your answer.


Call your clients to a luxurious environ of aromatic office, offer him a hot brewing espresso and make your business deals. Consider yourself an entrepreneur who is starting his business. But before you start you need to search, research, meet the right persons and gather data for work, away from your home. What place is better than the coffee shop?

2. Love ka Adda: Valentine day is nearing, you have the perfect gift for her, a perfect dinner planned but where would you spend the day? Gardens are no longer safe with all the communal parties going haywire seeing a couple together. You don’t want to get a rakhee from her this valentine. Rush to a nearest coffee shop. Order a tall caramel with one straw and two you. Spend the full day there without a hitch of the coffee shop owners throwing you out, as long as you pay the bills.


3. Rishtey ki baat: Having uploaded your bio-data on several matrimonial sites, the next step is meeting them on a casual blind date. Why call the sundry persons to your house in the first place. Arrange a meeting at the nearest Barista, sip coffee and get to know each other. Talk endlessly as no one is around to butt in. If all goes well, what could be a better start than a coffee date. If the guy is a total nincompoop you would never like to have a second date with, well thank god it ended with just a coffee. In any case, cappuccinos never disappoint.


4. Guitar ki class: Learning acoustics? Well may be your parents won’t understand the Rock and roll, nor your little sister will be amused by the jarring noise of your early classes of Guitar. Pack your bags and rush to the nearest mocha brewing centre. Take a sip of your coffee and play whatever you want. Interestingly a lot many people learn their basics of guitar in the coffee shops only. Strum it till you sip the last cappuccino of the shop as nobody comes to bother you.


5. Winter ki pyas: Whether it is a chilling morning in December or a fresh afternoon of January, your hands are numb due to the cold and the nose is all blue. From the group of school students, to the post retirement cadre, all look up to a hot refreshing cup of coffee. One may find a little difficulty finding himself a place in such coffee shops during these months as the rush increases manifolds compared to that in the summers.

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One thing to note before selecting your café is the traffic rush inside. A highly busy coffee shop won’t be able to entertain you long. However café shops know it very well that people come to sip coffee and relax, so in majority cases they won’t ask you to vacate.

Relish your double shot espresso and beat the chill this winter with some exciting coffee options at some exciting coffee destinations. Share with thatslyf, your reasons for visiting the Coffee shop, besides sipping the ultimate hot chocolate or a healthier decaf to kill the winter’s chill…

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