Incredible India

incredible india

Scotland denies independence. In a surprising chain of events the people of Scotland have denied independence after the results of the voting were announced and suggested they would rather remain united with the UK. Giving a setback to the parties seeking their own benefits and disguising it as public demand, the denial of the masses from separating from the United Kingdom is a major blow to the ‘Yes Scotland’. But how does this news relate to India and us? What is in it for Indians to learn?

United we stand and divided we fall is an adage that stands true beyond any time limits. As a country, India should learn from Scotland the advantages of being united to achieve bigger goal rather than fight and separate from our own brothers on petty issues.


The formation of Telangana has sparked a new fire for separation. But is separation good? Is separation the only choice for upliftment of a particular clan of people? Following the footsteps of Telanganis, the demand of Vidarbha as a separate state from Maharashtra is also gaining momentum. Prime Minister NarendraModi however vows not to budge from his decision and promises the people of India of a unified Maharashtra. Northeast states have always faced the brunt of neglect from the centre and now seek cessation from India. What may appear to be just another news bulletin is in effect a matter of grave concern.

What we should learn from Scotland and from our own history is how far and how much has this separation helped those who demanded it? Is the demand of division and further sub division really the only cure to the miseries? Or is it just whims and fancies of a particular group of people for something more than that meets the eye?

People who demand their independence argue that their state is lagging far behind the nation’s progress and once separated, they would develop on their own. That the state once sub divided, would be easier to manage. But how far this assumption is true? If it were so, Why Scotland denied independence from the much bigger UK and chose to stay united?


The separation of Scotland was not based on nationalism but on the thought of a democracy that meant people of Scotland should rule Scotland.But if a country can deny its independence then how difficult is it to think on these lines for a state?

To understand this one must first understand where in lies the difference. Secondly, how political parties influence the minds of people for their own good has to be understood. This level of understanding comes with knowledge and education. Another point where India gets a lower score when compared to the UK is the education level. It is far easier to befool the unaware than the one who is aware and alert. This awareness comes from education whereas theunawareness can be attributed to several reasons. One of them being our religious flaws.

A child bites a barbed wire after a slum fire gutted dozens of huts in New Delhi

The biggest divide amongst people evolves from religion. The long unending fights of Sai trustees and the Shankaracharya devotees turned from nasty to ugly to pathetic. The people started to play with the emotions of millions of devotees of their deities for some material gain which only the two parties involved in the brawl understood. But when elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled. A rift that is though invisible to the naked eye took its form, among the followers of the two Sansthas.


The trouble here is not religion or state or caste or politicians. The trouble here is the lack of self decision making ability among the Indians. It is the habit of being driven and the habit of being told. The ability to make firm decisions come from the ability to comprehend situations to their own levels of understanding. For this education is a matter of prime concern.

People might be right and just in their demand for a separate State but how far their reasoning is correct? From fights over rivers and canals to hills and mountains like Kashmir, we Indians always think of separation as the solution. Where has the ideal of unity in diversity disappeared?

It is time to stop politicizing and play a game for a reason which is larger than life. Don’t think separation as the solution but as a curse. Realize we are strong together. What British did to us sixty years back, our politicians are doing now. Divide and rule. Why otherwise has so gradually within the minds of our youth is so much wrath for castes and class. A malady which Mahatma Gandhi tried but could not eradicate, this sub division based on castes, and religions has to end.


Separation and division based on class, castes, color, religion, states and languages is a masked evil which shall eat up the foundation of our diverse and strong nation. This is what India and Indians need to learn. This editorial is a plea of togetherness, of bonding, of unity, of integrity and an urge to educate all without exception to make a true Incredible India….coz a ‘purposeful life’ is what thatslyf stands for..!!

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