What F.R.I.E.N.D.S Character are you?

Hollywood is known for its TV sitcoms, family shows, drama series, action based blood infusing weeklies but the much loved all time favorite Comedy sitcoms become hands down a winner based on the huge fan following throughout the world. Among the several shows like Two and a half men, Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons and many more, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the most loved of all the series.


This is perhaps because it touches the perfect chord with everyone. It is perhaps because in each character we identify ourselves and our hidden traits or someone we know. This post is dedicated to lovers of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Let’s dig out what FRIENDS character are you?

  1. The Secret Lover: If you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S follower you should be able to recognize who we are discussing here. We all at some point in time in our life have secretly liked a femme fatale for whom we could perhaps do anything and would never let her go. If you are one such person who would remember anything from her favorite poetry to her favorite ring and one who though not living in the Jurassic age has often the most absurd and prehistoric explanations to simple problems of life, then yes there is some Ross Geller in you. People do fall for the likes of you and you charm the beauties with your face value more than anything else.


  1. The Obsessive Compulsive: If you are the bossy one amongst your groups and one who always looks for a tight grip on all the situations, then you are definitely Monica Geller. You want people to appreciate you and you care a lot more about how perfect things are around the house than you would care about your health. If you are overly cautious of what people have to say for you, then Monica Geller resides somewhere inside you. That obsession for the perfect everything is just so Monica-istic.


  1. The Beauty Queen: You are the prom queen of your college. Born to a Richie Rich family you have been the most pampered kid of your family. You love being independent and this spirit of yours is the self motivator. You are a big time attention seeker and beauty conscious and wouldn’t even mind going under the knife for that perfect nose job. If this is what describes you, we proudly pronounce you “Rachel Green”.


  1. How’re you doin’: Flirtatious, basically because of your killer looks, you could make the perfect Joey if you also don’t like to share your food. You don’t actually need a pick up line to woo a girl simply because you have the looks or the luck by your side. You are not at all an encyclopedia when it comes to general awareness and would mostly keep a smile among friends having discussions. Well we all don’t have to be super intelligent to be great friends coz we all love Baby Kangaroo..!! Wink..!!


  1. Smelly cat, Smelly cat: You are eccentric or may be your friends may think so. An upcoming star in your own eyes you have a guitar on one shoulder and dignity on the other. You love to help all and sundry and care less about what people think about you. This carefree attitude makes you bold and beautiful. Attaching emotions to anyone and anything from perhaps your first ladybird bicycle to your evil ex-boyfriend and your firm stand for social causes makes you all the more lovable Phoebe Buffet. Smelly Cat, Smelly cat, what are they feeding you..!!


  1. The Wicked: Your witty one liners can kill anyone right dead. Your jokes about people sometimes go beyond their level of understanding similar to your work or job profile. Your friends don’t get what you do for a living yet you earn a handsome lot and find relaxation in cracking jokes at your friends. You find amusing to kick some butt but when it comes to shouldering responsibilities or getting hitched, you tremble to stand at your feet. These traits make you so much a BING. You could crack the wackiest jokes and yet go unharmed because your friends love you the way you are. Enjoy BEING Chandler BING. Could I BE any clear?


Witty, Whacky,  Wicked, Eccentric or Obsessive, friends make life and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ensured that no matter what ups and downs are there we all have got friends who’ll say “ I’ll be there for you coz you’re there for me too….!!” Thatslyf salutes this spirit of friendship coz thatslyf.

Share with us what F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Character you think you are.

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