VASTU TIP: Health is Wealth

This health week thatslyf has brought to you a few handy health tips that are a must according to the VASTU Science. A healthy mind is a must for a healthy life. You can spend a lot of money on medicines, but cannot buy  good health, however what you can buy is a health policy. But Thatslyf believes in having a healthy life free of cost. Have a look:

1. If there is a mirror in your bedroom, make sure you do not have your head in the direction of the mirror while sleeping. A mirror is basically an anti-fire element. For good health the fire element in your body must not degrade according to vastu. Hence, avoid sleeping directly in front of the mirror.


2. Make sure you are not sleeping in a room which has an iron beam on the roof and also which is visible. It brings exasperation in your mind and you are bound to fight a lot with your spouse.

3. If a long corridor leads to your room, do not make it your master bedroom. Sleeping in such a room regularly, brings negativity and negative energy brings ill health to you indirectly.

4.  Make sure no pointed artifacts are placed in your rooms such that they are pointing towards you all the time. This is equivalent to having a poisonous meal in lunch regularly.

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5. East is the best direction for good health. Try utilising this space to the maximum extent and for better health of your family.

Thatslyf wishes its readers a very happy healthy life. In the meanwhile read our article on how to prevent DIABETES the Natural way.

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