VASTU TIP: 6 Things you should never keep in your house

Dushhehra is a day where we celebrate the success of good over 10 evils like, jealousy, anger, greed, selfishness, cruelty, ego, arrogance, injustice, lust and blind-affection. FYI VASTU TIP brings to you this Dusshehra to help you avoid and get rid of some of these by following these simple 6 things that you should never keep in your House.

1. A portrait of a sinking ship or a ship fighting with waves. The positivity of your house sinks according to VASTU.


2. Portraits of Wild animals are a strict no inside the house. They bring disharmony among family members.

3. Replica of Taj Mahal or its painting inside the house. It brings rift between the married couple. Remember TAJ MAHAL is a symbol of love but in fact is a Mausoleum.

taj mahal

4. Paintings depicting war or characters of Mahabharata or Geeta Updesh should not be kept inside the house. VASTU tries to perpetuate only love and peace, hence avoid using paintings that depict war.


5. Do Not Keep fountain or any water source in the SOUTH of your House.

6. The replica of NATARAJ should also be not kept in your house. It makes the head of the family more calm and composed.


These things are not being said to perpetuate any sham. Thatslyf sincerely hopes and wishes everyone peace and success through this VASTU PORTAL. Happy Dushhehra to all its readers.

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