tips for first time travel abroad

The idea of traveling abroad for the first time brings with it the blend of enticement and trepidation. There are loads of things that comes to mind, right from the packing to sailing through the customs. When you are a novice traveler to abroad, the restlessness is beyond imagination as the only thing you are concerned about is not to commit any faux pas. To make your travel easier, here is a set of valuable tips:
    Health
Health is wealth, the adage stands true irrespective of the time. Before flying abroad, take a proper health checkup from your doctor. Get yourself vaccinated with all the necessary vaccinations required for the country you are travelling to. Ask your doctor for all the necessary prescriptions in accordance with the country, so that it can be of help in case you fall ill in abroad. Make inquiries with your Insurance provider whether the Insurance cover is valid for International emergencies. In case your policy is not valid for abroad, take the required extra cover.
    Security
Passport must be kept with the utmost care. Make sure you carry some extra copies of your passport, so that you can get back to the country in case the passport gets stolen abroad. Those copies can act as a valid proof of your citizenship. Also leave some copies back at your home and save a scanned copy of the same. You must also register with your embassy, so that your Government can act as your safety shield in case of any mishap.

    Money and its related issues
When you go abroad, money and its conversion definitely become an issue. Hence, make sure you do the adequate maths on currency conversion before deciding on the quantum of money. There are few Indian banks, whose credit cards work marvelously abroad. Hold talks with your bank about their credit card facility abroad. When you land in the foreign land, get your currency converted from the banks, as they offer exact rates. The conversion centers present in the airport are actually a swindle. Make sure you always carry the local currency of the country to which you travel, as buses or trains, they don’t accept your forex card or credit card. One last and significant point with regard to money is the entry and exit fee. Few countries charges tourist the entry as well as exit fee which hover around $200. Make sure you get the statistics correct, before planning the trip.
    Electronics
These days electronics have turned into a savior and we can’t really survive in their absence. Different countries have different voltage levels and plug sizes, so make sure you carry the required adaptor which fits into your device. Carry the equipments which match the voltage level present in the country you are travelling to. The SmartPhones these days possess a global capacity, you simply need to activate it. There are also certain apps which provide you offers for local travel abroad.

    Research well
Having planned a trip to visit this particular country, now what next? Plan where all you wish to travel in that country. Use the power of Google and get the things done. You can book your tickets in advance for the places you wish to visit once you land in the foreign land. The advance bookings will help you as they are economical and brings enticing deals with them. You can even get your hands on a guidebook, which will acquaint you with the local phrases and other keywords. These books, even carry the maps, so you can navigate yourself. You can check on the events that are happening there and visit them.
    Luggage
Luggage is often a big task, with a threshold limit given by airlines of 30 Kg per traveler. Hence, you need to pack wisely to avoid shelling out incremental charges. Pack the clothes in accordance with the weather which will greet you there. For instance, if you are visiting any of the freezing land, then the woolens we have here won’t give you the needed heat, so better you purchase there only. Also pack some ready to eat food items, as at times getting the adequate food items create trouble for a tourist.

Now, that you are perfectly equipped with the nifty tips to travel abroad; start with your packing and fly. Traveling and exploring the world, well, that’s lyf!!! But don’t forget to share your travel experiences with us. We are waiting to hear from you..!!

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