These Things Every Girl Will Understand

There are certain things about men that only men will understand, and certain things that a women will. Then there are things about women that nobody understands. Every girl has some hidden aspect in her that makes her unique from the other, yet the existence of some commonality cannot be chucked outright. For instance, every girl makes at least one of the following statements once in her lifetime. These statements only a girl will correlate to. Thatslyf tries to bring out the fun quotient in these nutty yet cute avowals. Have a look.


1. One heavy Stone Studded Bridal Lehenga: Well you never marry twice in life, do you? Then if it is once in a life time event it has to be perfect. I may not wear it again, but I care a damn. I must look perfect in that heavy stone studded lehenga that some random designer had designed for Madhuri in Devdas. No more arguments please.


2. High heels that break midway on streets: Today I bought the perfect black shade 6 inch heels for that dress I bought last week. And Lo, today itself it broke. Well, it was just two hundred bucks. Will get another one soon, and break it back again and complain, I have no shoes to wear. That’s just so heart touching story.


3. Heavy Sarees that I will never wear: Another thing that we ought to buy are those heavy embroidered Sarees that I will never wear to any party simply because they are too heavy to be worn but they are also too fascinating to be left alone at the mall. They look great in my almirah. Duh.!!


4. One Branded Bag that is heavier than the girl herself: Chanel, Prada, Hermes, I ought to get one of each. These are sling, those are bling. Oh, but they are so heavy; I cannot carry them around every time. I guess I need a boyfriend too. Wink.!!


5. I don’t have any clothes to wear: No matter how much I shop, you cannot say I have had enough. Frankly speaking I don’t have anything to wear. These tops are faded, those are outdated, these are wrinkled and those are jumbled. This top won’t go with that shoe and that top is just so yuck that I don’t even remember buying it for me. Oh Gosh, tomorrow is a party, What will I wear?

no dress

6. I don’t put any makeup, it is just a lipgloss: Girls put a lot of makeup, but I don’t. It’s only the lipgloss that I wear. You should see other girls, bucketing in makeup. I am naturally so pretty, lol.


7. Am I getting fat: You gotta tell me the truth, but lemme warn you, if you speak up, I will leave you and if you don’t speak the truth, I will kill you. The Vikram Betaal game that ladies and girls play with this statement with their hubbies, is not a new one, but running from generations to generations and shall live forever.


8. OMG, is that a pimple on my face: It’s my friend’s birthday party tomorrow and oh gosh, this pimple on my face. Is it due to the stress? Oh, how will I now face the crowd? I must get underground or on to the Himalayas. How could I forget the only knight in shining armor? Help me Mom!!


The list could be endless, but the more we tread in the forbidden zone of taunting a girl, the riskier life we make for ourselves. So here in follows the disclaimer.

These are just a few fun loaded and entirely no-offence intended statements that Thatslyf has brought forth. We do not wish to hurt any sentiments either intentionally or unintentionally nor does the author have any interest in poking fun of any gender. This disclaimer forms a part of the article as “Ladkiyo se panga lena Mushkil hi nahi, Namumkin hai”.

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