These 8 Things Only Those Who Hate Winters Will Understand..

The cold chilling breeze has set in. It’s the evenings and mornings mostly that give the shiver. No I am not the odd one out here who alone dreads the winters. Yes I know a lot many people who would agree that the freezing winter is worse than scorching summer. There are a lot many winter agonies that only people who hate winters will understand. Have a look and chill..oops.


1. The Fan Regulator War: You should be able to understand the pain of this if you have a sibling who shares your room or a friend cum roommate who inherently feels sweaty and hot always. You may have to hear his clichéd statements “Tu Rajaai lele mai to fan chalaunga.” It is you who has to succumb to their demands usually and then shrink in your beloved Rajaai or Blanket and wait for him or her to sleep and then secretly turn the regulator knob to your desired level. Uff, it’s such a task.


2. The Cold feet: Now that you have slept and are quite warm in your quilt, what dreadful thing can happen to you? Oh, It’s your bladder that is just full and over pouring in your dreams. You wake up and realize you will have to leave your warm Rajaai for the nature’s call. Sitting on that biting cold Indo-western toilet seat. Well that gives me cold feet. But it’s also the cold chilling marble flooring that will literally make my feet cold. Why does nature have to call at the wrong time only, lol?


3. The Blowing Nose: This one is terrible. Your big fat red nose that resembles a circus clown or a santa claus but is incapable of doing anything. You breathe with your mouth and that damned Vicks inhaler is hardly a cure to your tragic tale.


4. The Love of Rajaai: My beloved Rajaai is all set to be back on, around and over me. Me wrapped in it similar to a chicken sausage wrap that I eat every alternate day. The warm, cozy feeling sleeping in it is simply too awful for words. The more I love it, the more I hate getting out of it. The more I hate getting out, the more I have to. That’s sheer destiny, I guess.


5. The Burden of Overcoat: Yes, I do not like getting overdressed. One over another above another and over another ufff. It is way too taxing for my small little shoulders to carry so much weight of the overcoats, the jackets, those cots-wools, the hoodies, blah blah and blah. So much of accessories to keep you warm and cozy. But with so many kilos of weight on my shoulder, how can I work?


6. The Hot Water Bottle: It’s the freezing cold month of January. The temperature outside is 0.6 degrees Celsius. My beloved Rajaai has lost all its capability to keep me warm now. I need a hot water bottle too to cling to it. It’s not my fault that I feel cold. But don’t think I am not hot. Wink.


7. The Open wedding: All the weddings have to fall in winters only? Well, truly speaking weddings in winters do not worry me much, if you are not the bride, for you can still choose to wear some fancy cardigan. But the bride. Let the doom fall upon her.

wedding winter

8. The Exams: One last thing that makes me averse to winter is the examination. Winter exams when your hands are all swelled up even inside those thickest of gloves.When the clock starts ticking and you cannot even hold the pen with a grip, leave aside remembering that awesome answer to that awful question put up in front of you, Our poor mind and hands both freeze. The only jolt that comes is when the invigilator shouts “Last thirty minutes left.


On a wider note winter brings with itself something beautiful. It is the only time of the year that I love standing in front of the gas stove and cook. The love of Christmas, the romantic snowfalls, the Halloween, the school vacations, the rosy cheeks, the radiant face, these are all that come to forth only in the winters. Surely, whatever God has made is worth a visit, even if it is simple weather.


Share with Thatslyf your Winter Agonies. We understand you.

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