These 8 Statements Only A Banker Will Understand

SBI, BOB, OBC, ICICI, HDFC, City Bank, Yes Bank, No bank, Payment banks. The list is endless. Banks these days have become an integral part of our life. Day in Day out, knowingly, unknowingly we are interacting with our Banks 24 X 7. From paying your online bills to recharging your phones, are lives are bundled around Banks. The innumerable schemes of our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi have been highly successful and popular, thanks to these Banks. From the Suraksha Bima Yojanas to Mutual funds assurances, Banks have been playing a major role these days.


But it is not just the Banks but the customers that make the party complete. Without the customers and without their titter bitter taunts and anxious eyes, their various complaints and their grievances the Banking remains insipid and imperfect. Thatslyf here brings to you some very common yet funny statements every customer makes to his banker, especially if it’s a SARKARI BANK. Enjoy these customer complaints if you are a Nationalized Bank Employee…!!


1. Koi kaam hi nahi karna Chahata: This is the pet statement that any customer will bestow on you as soon as you give them the lame excuse of poor connectivity or your passbook machine being out of service. However hard you try to convince them, people would just pass the dictum of you being the lazy one and move on.


2. Private banks me to aise hota hai: This statement no matter how good a service you provide will cling to your vest like that dust which sticks to your dress as you travel across Delhi. People may or may not go to the private banks, but saying this is just like that clichéd statement you make when you visit Sarojini Market and bargain from the shopkeepers “Bhaiya uss dukan me to itne me mil raha hai”.


3. SBI me ho to khud ko kya samajhte ho: Well, first things first. SBI is a big thing, none the less; the attitude of officers is not any different from those visiting the same as customers. If you are working with TCS and can’t budge an inch from your queue and shout with your loud mouth about the delayed and poor service, let me tell you, we have become deaf and mute to your unnecessary daily charging and barging and will do our tasks at our pace, come what may. Next Please!!


4. Zero Balance se account khulta Hai: God Bless our Prime Minister who helped millions open their account with minimum difficulties and the so called Zero Balance account. But those accounts would have remained so if the bankers would not have intervened. The customer happily enters the bank and asks, “Zero balance se account Khulwana hai” but would never credit a single rupee on his own. The next question being “Woh Paanch hazaar kab aayenge?” The five thousand that Sri Modi Ji promised. Well Achhe Din Kab Aayenge?


5. Sunday ko Bank Band Hai Kya?: There must be seriously something wrong with you people. How can you shut bank on Sundays when I am having an off. I got only this day and you also got to be closing on the same day. Now, now, you have no right to enjoy holidays. So, can somebody please tell me, is the Bank closed this Sunday; “Sunday ko Bank Band hai kya?”

6. Phone to koi uthhata hi nahi hai yaha: You cannot escape this statement if you are working in a Nationalised bank. You may try this statement blindfolded on any nationalized banker and you can see their petty faces. You may not even dial up but simply saying this statement is deemed to be true as no Sarkari Officer ever picks up a phone or replies to a mail. Tring Tring..!!


7. 25 Chakkar Laga chukka hu, Yeh sarkari bank hai na!!: What is a bank if you have not been to its door more than thrice for the same unfinished task. Well that seems true for a nationalized bank from getting a net banking password to processing your home loan. Nothing comes in just one round trip. But come on, where money is involved, even 25 Chakkar is less.

8. Ab to Saturday bhi Off Hai: This is the most recent one and highly frustrating one too. Even people working in MNCs enjoy two days off a week, then why this partial attitude towards a Banker? And who will count those other two full working Saturdays? It just gets balanced out. Well, yes Saturday is an off.


Being a banker in today’s scenario is neither a piece of cake nor just any luxurious white collared job. It brings with it its own risks and cons. But besides the risks it’s the shift in people’s attitude towards the bankers that has made this industry more challenging. Amidst the rush and gush and huffing puffing crowd, it’s the same customers and their tidbit taunts that complete a banker’s DayEnd.


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