The grass is greener on the other side

‘She looks just so awesome, and I look equally ugly’
‘I wish I was him’
‘He is earning handsomely, I wish I had the same life’
I bet at some point of time, you would have said the same, if not to someone else, but in your mind. We always believe that the other person is always in a better state and we are always the one who is being inflicted with all the pain. The grass on the other side is that’s why greener from our perspective and we are always on the side that lacks greenery.

We feel envious of the others and their happiness, because of this perspective only. But is the grass actually greener on the other side? I may sound like an inspirational guru with this post, but I do want readers to understand the dangers of jealousy and joy of satisfaction.

To make the idea that the grass is equally green on both the sides, we will look into both sides of the coin. I am also a regular young girl, and also feel such jerks of jealousy at some point of time, which makes me feel vulnerable about my life. To put an end to all such notions, I am here writing on the factors which we usually compare and make ourself feel vulnerable, thinking the other person is better off:

tall vs short

    Height: Short Vs Tall
Those who are short in height always regrets being short that they can’t even reach the top of their almirah. They need someone to do such tasks for them. Their height is an issue for them, be it career or marriage. They always desire to get the super model height. On the other side, the tall people are way too much irritated with their heights. They look like a giant wheel coming, the moment they put on some weight. They do not look like kid if they walk with their parents. The tall girls can’t wear much heels, otherwise they would appear to be a long giraffe. They wish they could scale down their height.
Understand  your grass is greener with the knowledge and ideas you have in your mind. Your beauty is not restricted by your height. Your partner will love you for what you are not for how long or short you are.


    Relationship status: Single Vs Committed
Well, the relationship status is a big issue for greener grass these days. The singles feel that the committed people are happy, while the committed ones feel that remaining single is better. Singles feel that the world is dark and gloomy for them. They long for someone who could be with them and share with them the small moments of life. The committed people on the other hand feels bound by the other person; they have to tell everything to another human. They feel the need to kiss the air of freedom.

So, tell me, whose grass is greener in this case? My answer would be that both have an equally greener grass. Your relationship status can never decide your state of mind. You can be happy even when you are single and at the same time you can be depressed even when you are in a relationship. The prime factor is your happiness, that is your green grass!!

    Looks: Sexy Vs Comfortable
Your looks do play an important role, but it is totally your call to dress up in a sexy avtar or don a simple plain Jane look. If you dress up sexily, you need to fit in those sultry outfits which calls for a perfect diva figure and a high heel shoe. To become sexy, you need to shape up and shed weight and hit the gym. If comfortable clothing is your call, then you have to flaunt your natural beauty. Believe me, both looks are perfect; it’s just the way you love it. There is nothing like green grass in this case, it’s just a matter of personal choice only.


    Job: High earning Vs Low income Vs Unemployed
The moment you get a job, you are required to work day and night to get those high paying cheques. So for that high income job, you need to bid adieu to your favourite tele series and your social life. Is this the greener grass?

If you are doing a job, but getting a low income, you feel dissatisfied when you go for shopping and come back empty handed due to the hefty price tags placed on your favourite clothes. But you do get your share of quality time with your loved ones. Is this not your green patch?

You are looking for a job, and currently sitting on the unemployed seat; you feel that you can never earn a job for yourself. You are just a burden on everyone around you. So, you feel that the grass is greener on the other side.


Set the records straight! If today you are not having a good job, it’s not necessary that tomorrow will be the same. Tomorrow you may get a job that suits your skills and you may earn a good sum. If today you are earning less, you may get a better career path tomorrow. Nothing remains constant!

As a bottom line for this post, I would say there is nothing like a greener grass. Our life provides us with numerous beautiful small moments which fills our life with green and that’s lyf!! Never get disheartened if something good is not happening now, because it will surely happen in future. The grass is definitely not greener on the other side!!!!

Share your thoughts about your green grass….

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