Swachha Bharat Abhiyan

If it were not for the lyricists from our film fraternity who define the world as ‘Ek Dulhan’ (a bride) and India “Dulhan ke maathe ki bindiya”(a bride’s vermilion), we hardly make any efforts to be identified as “Maathe ki bindiya”. The filth and grime that we accumulate and spread in our country with the “who cares” attitude, demeans our Prime minister’s noble efforts towards Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. Merely inviting nine different people to contribute and sweep across the country in front of the media is a very frail attempt by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a cleaner India.


A host of names of people is already up in news who first throw bogus garbage, to later mop the street clean, which was already spotless perhaps an hour ago. That ‘Swachha Bharat Abhiyan’ shall die its natural death is quite imminent. But is there anything that could be done to protect it? Is it as easy as it sounds?

It is a harsh statement to make yet the fact remains that Swachha Bharat Abhiyan will not see a firm foothold in India. Just the day next to Diwali with all the scraps of the crackers and grime blocking the streets, the Abhiyan got its first big blow.


The failed ‘Clean Ganga Mission’ worsens the scar. The Plan to clean Ganga was started way back in 2009 with the Congress government’s mission initiation which however died a stifling death. The Ganga rejuvenation plan was sketched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2014 which later followed the Union Water Resource minister Uma Bharti’s launch of a new website for Ganga rejuvenation in September 2014 after being scolded by the Supreme court. The Supreme court in its statement mentioned that it will now monitor the progress of the clean Ganga Mission and wants a ‘stage wise plan’ for ‘restoring’ Ganga to its ‘pristine glory’.


But where and what are the lacunae in the Government’s vision to the better and cleaner India? Where lies the government’s blind spot? Perhaps a few reasons for the possible decline of the mission in near future and for its plausible letdown could be as enumerated below.

1. The Soft Approach: The mentality of each and every citizen has to change for the change that our PM Modi dreams and wishes for. Thoughts such as “Oh, everyone is throwing the garbage. What good can I do alone?” have to be boycotted. What we need is a healthy frame of mind. Taking the broom in front of the media and social camera is not the only step to clean India. The mind frame has to be cleaned first to pull off this mission to a cleaner and a greener nation. One minute public stint and false fame in front of camera is not why our Prime Minister is asking everyone to join hands in this mission.


2. Penalizing is not bad: If moral education alone would have sufficed there would never have been the need for policing and crime laws and criminal courts. Every teacher teaches his student and every parent inculcates his child about what is good and what is bad. Yet crimes are a reality. Policing the crime is real. Both good and bad exists within us. Sometimes the ‘bad’ needs to be punished and penalized. There is nothing wrong with it.

Your teacher punished you for disobedience you showed during your school days. That scolding did not do any bad to you. It was for your good. Then why our PM took to moral grounds while taking such a big step for a cleaner India? Why he did not take the tough decision? What is wrong in imposing heavy fines, and penalizing anyone who spreads this litter and makes our nation an international subject of shame?


3. The Lacunae: In a bid to have a different take on the same old issue; Prime Minister Narendra Modi has forgotten some basic facts and the mission is taking a wrong turn. Why should Indians be known as the ones who pee by the roadside? The lack of public urinals and the lack of setting up of ample dustbins in every possible nook and corner is a major cause of the setback and the reason why the whole Swachha Bharat Abhiyan turns out to be a handicapped mission.

Where there are a few dustbins, they are choked to the top without being timely emptied by the municipality. The public urinals have the least hygiene quotient. It gets difficult to breathe for even a few minutes spent inside the filthy atmosphere of the public toilets. Why no regular cleanup is being monitored? The lack of stricter check on these issues is the missing link.


It is important to understand that penalizing will give strength to such movements and that it is monetary loss as well as the criminalizing the act of dirtying the nation that could prove to be a deterrent to the people of India. If acid attack on a girl is a crime, then why this India which is “dulhan ke maathe ki bindiya” be marred with dirt and people left without reprimand.

Share with us if you noticed any breakthroughs with this Swachha Bharat Abhiyan or else if you think this Abhiyan shall die its natural death…

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Dhruva Awasthi is a young and dynamic writer with fresh thoughts and a firm believer that writing is the best form of expression. He crossed the threshold from his mundane arduous work life into the world of writing because of his pure love for penning down the thoughts which entwines his mind. He is an Engineer by profession and a writer by choice. He has a flair for writing on a wide array of genres spreading his wings from politics, food, health, spiritual to poetry, drama and fiction. Dhruva is methodical and punctilious and hopes to bring realism to the table, through his writings and through Thatslyf.


    • Vidhu Shekhar
      January 10, 2015

      The attempt by our Honorable Prime Minister is symbolic, and ought to be viewed in that light. Of course, we do not expect him with his nine teammates to be able to clean Indian filth “produced” by a crowd of 1.25 billion. What is striking is seeing a broom in his hands. Do we have the courage to pick up such a broom and clean just the alley in which our house is situated ? That’s the message. As for myself, for 15 years I have tried and FAILED to find such brooms in market place -seems like the professional cleaners have got some kind of monopoly over them. If they see us holding one, their livelihood would be threatened perhaps. Will our supermarkets and shopping malls please sell those brooms ? Please ! ?

    • Rajaya
      December 21, 2014

      Good article. Youngsters like you can be a big help in making the masses realise the importance of a cleaner country. Come up with more such articles. Our countrymen need such articles to realise their wrong doing.

    • Rajkumar
      December 17, 2014

      Bad habits are hard to die. Hence it is right that it is quite difficult to achieve Swachhata. We are seeing every where that no one seems to be worried, as there is no fine. Use of plastic bags, which is a big hazard to environment, has not yet been stopped. Same people maintain cleanness in metro stations but careless when else where plainly due to imposinf hevy fine. If implemented strictly ,may be after few years things may turn around.

      • Vidhu Shekhar
        January 10, 2015

        “Fine ?” If you make a law against spreading filth, it becomes another tool in the hands of those law enforcement agencies for procuring more bribes, that’s all. It’s social awareness, not a law which is required. Here in the USA, people keep their public spaces clean simply because they WANT them to be clean. As simple as that. There are not enough policemen here to do the policing of the filth and trash. They’re somewhere patrolling in their cars and you won’t see them until you dial 911.

        • Dhruva
          January 11, 2015

          We do not advocate the necessity of a law here. What we aspire is that the attitude with which our Noble Prime Minister is holding the broom in his hands is exactly not the attitude of the masses. The broom minus the lenses(Read:MEDIA) would perhaps be a major change.
          Also A. Without the fear of getting penalized or
          B. Without the shift in the mindset of the people this opportunity to clean India seems not so gleam.
          I see you said here in USA people WANT their country to be clean but merely WANTING won’t suffice. I also WANT my country to be clean but it doesn’t make it any cleaner. It would however, if we also STRIVE for it. People in USA STRIVE for it. Here we have just begun. I hope and wish this Swachhata Abhiyan never sees the sunset.

    • Mayra
      December 14, 2014

      The swacch bharat abhiyan can achieve its sole purpose only if we all Indians treat their entire country as our home. The way we like keeping our house clean, the same should be thought for the country at large. Keep writing such posts to awaken the country.


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