Style Statement of our PM, Mr. Narendra Modi

narendra modi

The political scenario in India has seen many leaders come and go but rarely, if ever, has a politician made such a deep impact on the Indian masses as our current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. His persona of a common man is further strengthened by his unique style statement that has become the latest fashion trend among the youth of the country. His crisp and well tailored attire has been a hot topic of discussion across the globe. In fact, the dressing sense of PM Narendra Modi closely reflects the way he works and governs this vast nation of more than 1.25 billion people.

So what is it about the attire of PM Narendra Modi that has deeply influenced the masses in India and elsewhere to the level that it has become a popular fashion trend? This write-up tries to explore the answers to this question that has been boggling the minds of Modi’s fans and opponents equally. The list below details the individual tit bits from the attire of Narendra Modi that make him stand out from a crowd of shabbily dressed politicians.

Kurta Pajamas
It is no hidden truth that PM Narendra Modi has come from a poor family. However, this has never affected his penchant for dressing well and always being presentable. His simple yet famous half sleeved kurtas and chooridar became extremely popular especially during the campaigning for Lok Sabha elections. People attending his rallies were generally seen supporting similar attire as a mark of respect and support for the politicians who provided them the hope of a bright and prosperous future. After coming into power and becoming the PM of India, Narendra Modi modified his attire in a slight manner. The half sleeved kurtas were replaced by full sleeved ones; however, there had been no augmentation in the crisp and perfect look that the kurtas always had.

Another integral part of Modi’s attire is his collection of classic watches. He is rarely seen without a watch adorning his wrist, whether he is addressing a rally, attending a high level cabinet meeting or holding a one to one talk with a visiting dignitary. Modi’s love for watches often symbolizes his respect for the time and his eagerness to spend it on doing constructive work for his country. Reportedly, PM, Modi has himself admitted in an interview that he prefers the watches of renowned Swiss luxury brands, Movado.

Jackets, Stoles, Shawls And Other Accessories
PM Modi loves to wear a half jacket over his kurta pajama. On a number of occasions he has replaced the jacket with a stole or a shawl, which further enhanced his personality. It is believed that this combination of attire is intended to present a secular and nationalistic image of the Prime Minister who is considered by many as a hardcore right wing activist of the RSS. In addition, the PM is also known to favor accessories like pen, sunglasses and wristbands with whatever attire he might choose to wear.

Business Suits
Since PM Modi has rarely been seen in a western outfit within the country, most people felt that he might not be able to carry off this attire well. However, he proved his detractors wrong, by donning a wide range of business suits on various occasions during his recent international visits. He was extremely confident and comfortable in the business suits and was even appreciated for his exemplary sense of dressing by the local people of the nations he visited.

PM Narendra Modi has changed the image of the Indian politician from an unkempt and pot bellied leader chewing the betel leaf and wearing crumpled cotton dhoti kurta, to a smart and fit leader having a strong will to serve the nation and portray a powerful presence of our nation in the eyes of the world.  His style statement is a perfect blend of simplicity and power!!

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