Street shopping destinations in Delhi

It’s said that nothing on this Earth can keep a girl away from her first love i.e shopping. And when it is Delhi, the entire shopping experience takes a new turn. The vibrant atmosphere of the flea markets located at various nooks and corner of the city, makes the Capital city one of the shopping paradises. All you need is a fashion vision so as to read what will you look good on you and secondly show a little courage to beat the crowd in the markets and indulge in shopping. So, let’s take the talk further, with me suggesting some of the hit shopping destinations in Delhi:

•    Janpath
Street shopping and Janpath seems so synonymous to each other that people actually associate street shopping with this place. The market located near Deepauls is where all the fun happens. Bargaining in its highest form can be seen here. The shopkeeper will initially quote an astounding price, but you quote the normal price, i.e. INR 150-250 for a top. They will reciprocate harshly, and even broke out’ Kya Madam! Itne mei kaha aata hai!’ But dear girls, ‘Yeh itne meii hi aate h’. Try moving away from the shop, and he will call you back and sell within your price band. One thing I love here is the accessories. You can here find the prettiest of the junk jewelry pieces, that goes with every attire. You can also find the scarves with a feminine touch in the range of INR 100-150 to beat the sun. In the front lane, there are some sunglasses outlets, you can certainly get some cool sunshades at an economical price.
•    GK-I, M Block
If you think doing bargaining here, would be out of taste, then you are wrong. Always remember the thumb rule, wherever there are girls and shopping, bargaining is inevitable. You can get everything here from trendy clothes to accessories to footwear. When you visit here, first take a round in the different lanes and then hit your wallet, as there are loads of options; and we girls have a habit of liking all. There are loads of interesting footwear options there, which will delight your feet. Apart from the flea market, this market has all the upscale brand’s outlets to enrapture you.
•    Kamla Nagar
K Nags, as it is popularly called, is on the wish list of many! Located amidst the prestigious DU colleges, this market has it all; from clothes, footwear, sunglasses to a number of eating joints. K Nags is all about ditching the branded markets and entering those basement shops which sell the trendiest of the tops at a price which do not make a hole in your pocket. When you enter this market, you can watch the latest of the college fashion and can choose to go with the trend and add some touches of your own to create a unique look. The funky ganjis, cool mobile covers and stunning accessories is the USP of this market. One ‘Chacha Di Hatti’ present here sells amazing chole Bhature! Feast and shop is the mantra here!
•    Sarojini Nagar
You ask any Shopaholic, about her favourite shopping destination, the first place would be Sarojini! The bylanes of this market is the treasure trove for many. You should enter the market early morning and start from the end. Let me make one thing clear, almost all the Delhities, shop from here only, so if you find one top in more than three shops, never buy it, as that would be the common trend all would be wearing; and we girls hate it to the core to find another girl dressed in the same wrap as we are. You should indulge in the highest form of bargaining here. You will get loads of options here, so buy the worthiest of all.

If you desire of flaunting what is the latest on the fashion brigade, then you certainly now know where to hit. Shop till you drop!
Don’t forget to share your shopping experiences with us. We are waiting to hear from you..!!!

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