Save The Internet

Internet has always been a free source of information and it should remain so. Thatslyf supports Net Neutrality wherein it means Internet service providers and the Government should treat all the information on the Net as free and no selective charge will or should be levied for securing any information for purposes whatsoever.

This is the reason why Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube and all the website pages that you visit is free and not deferentially charged.

Imagine as you file your ITR and you have to declare your returns, similarly you file all the relevant details that you want to use  for the year and pay for it. In case you do not report a particular webpage that you want to visit, you will have to pay later on additional money for the same.

Our life is unimaginable without Whatsapp and other such Applications.Thus we plead our readers to support Net Neutrality.

Click on the following link and Join the endevour to save the internet.

Save The Internet

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