OMG. These emotional outburst in your relationship could actually reveal your innermost feelings…!!

It is your behaviour which makes or breaks relationships. We humans tend to have both the negative as well as positive emotions. Our reactions are governed by our hidden innermost feelings in the form of outbursts of such emotions in some adverse situations or in front of difficult people. What matters the most is portraying the true and authentic behaviour.

So why things turn upside down the moment we portray our one of the several facets of our behavior? Why is the negative emotion criticized so much? The sole idea of penning down this post is to make the readers aware about the underlying optimism which is present in the different negative emotions that help you sail through thick and thin.

• Anger

“Don’t show me your anger”, many of you must have heard this dialogue a million times. Yes! Indeed, anger is not good as it affects you and your health. But the other side of the coin is that anger acts as a reliever. The sole reason for being angry is that you feel something wrong has happened. If you keep on being numb on the issue and refrain from expressing your anger, it will hover in your head and keep troubling you, which will in turn become unhealthy for your relationship.Speaking out your heart even if its in anger lets the other gauge your feelings. There are chances that the other person was not even aware that you had felt bad about something. Perhaps this is why relationships are sometimes strengthened by displaying our displeasure.

• Being a cry baby

Many say that crying makes you weak, but time for a reality check. Letting out your tears infact makes you stronger. Not all would have the courage to vent out the concealed agony in front of people. Crying is a very powerful human emotion, but it should be honoured at a few times only. Crying daily on the same thing, does not alleviate the pain, instead it makes you suffer even more. Those teary eyes, do makes us vulnerable in front of the numerous people, but it unleashes some kind of energy that gives us a confidence to look forward. Always, remember those who understand your tears will make sure that tears do not visit your eyes again. It is perfectly fine to express your sorrow with tears.

• Breaking the rules

Right from the childhood we are taught by our parents and teachers to follow the rules and be disciplined. But breaking the rules is not always bad. Rules in a relationship should be only to such an extent that they do not suffocate the other. The rules should be able to guide you through thick and thin of your love period but should not become your boss and dictate you to traverse a path you never wished to follow. Remember rules are meant to express yourself freely in a arelationship and not to the stifle the true voice of your heart. Since the rules are also framed by a human being, there can be flaws in them also.

• Staying Un-focussed

It is a common thing with all the youngsters, we don’t really know where we wish to head. Our direction is not defined; and thus we take numerous turns here and there. Sometimes not knowing your right direction makes you discover the unknown talents which gives you the right track. There are times when we really don’t understand what we want to do or what we exactly want from life. This unawareness sometimes sets us on the right path. Let your love life too be unfocussed. Just sail through the river as the river flows. A Deliberate attempt to steer the love vehicle may tear you apart.

• Being A Loner..5

There comes a time, when we feel like cutting off from the world and spending some time with ourselves. The reasons for feeling this way may vary, it can be some pain, stress, work or even anger. We surely should respect and honor such moments. Solitude has its own charm and this is best felt by artists and writers. The sense of inspiration and rejuvenation which this solitude provides is phenomenal. So, if someone says he/she wants to be alone, don’t take it as negative. Respect it! But, don’t make it a habit to escape the crutches of your lover. It is unhealthy for relationships to not discuss their qualms if any. Mingling with different people is as important as is sneaking into loneliness.


In no way, is thatslyf trying to promote negativity, but we are hereby suggesting that at times, showing negative emotions brings stability to your relationships and makes it healthy. It actually strengthens your bond. What matters is being yourself and a ray of positivity is always present in each and every negative behaviour and emotional outburst of ours. Isnt that what makes the journey of life a balanced one?
Share your thoughts on how you feel about the positivity present in the negativity. We are all ears.

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