Never commit these fashion errors….

Having a great fashion and style sense is a gift that is bestowed only on a minute percentage of women. That is why it is common to find a large percentage of women committing some really serious fashion mistakes that not only spoils their entire look but actually makes them look gross. The basic rule that most women tend to forget is that being fashionable is not just about aping the prevaling fashion trends but also using those trends in the right manner to enhance their individuality and look. Let’s have a look at some of the most common fashion mistakes that women usually makes:
fm1.1Wearing Clothes That Are Too Loose Or Too Tight
Most women feel that wearing loose clothes can help them to hide their lumps and bumps. At the same time some women prefer extremely tight clothes to highlight the curvature of their body. Both these choices are actually bad in terms of creating a good fashion statement as they make the women look all the more chubby and eve obese. It is important to wear clothes that fit snugly and make the women feel both confident and comfortable.
fm2Wearing Makeup That Is Too Bright
It is important for women to understand that the primary purpose of wearing makeup is to highlight their features. Using heavy makeup, especially on a lighter skin tones, does not generally prove to be a good fashion choice. While heavy make-up might be required for a special occasion such as a wedding or a get together; in everyday routine it is advisable to use minimal make-up that accentuates the natural beauty that every woman has. The right choice of shades for different make-up items in accordance with the attire to be worn and the overall desired look is also extremely important to avoid a fashion error.
fm3Showing Too Much Skin
Most women are under the impression that wearing revealing clothes is considered a great style statement. However, this is entirely a myth as wearing skimpy clothes actually looks vulgar. Wearing tops that show too much cleavage or shorts and pants that are too low should be avoided. Women also make the common mistake of wearing clothes that are meant for females far younger. This can not only be tagged as a big fashion mistake, but can be quite embarrassing.
Using Too Many Accessories   
Excess of everything is bad! Another common fashion mistake that women tend to make is to use too many accessories with every dress. Such women are often seen supporting matching glares, hair accessories, handbags, mobile phones and other such items. In many cases the women are often found juggling with their various accessories which can be quite embarrassing. Carrying a limited accessories that match the dress and suit the occasion would create a lasting impression on the onlookers.
Golden Girl Draws Flack With 400,000 GBP Wedding JewelleryConstantly Wearing Heavy Jewelry
Long gone are the days when wearing heavy jewelry was a part of everyday style. Today wearing heavy jewelry is as big a fashion mistake as wearing unfit clothes. Here, it is important to understand that heavy jewelry does not comprise only of necklaces and sets made of gold, silver, diamond or other precious metals and stones but also similar bracelets, earrings and any other type of jewelry that is generally too loud. Women should rather opt for simple lightweight jewelry for everyday use and go for minimal designer sets for special occasions and festivities.
fm5Wearing The Wrong Shoes
Most women often pay minimum attention to the kind of footwear they wear with specific dresses. It is important to understand that not every pair of shoes or sandals can be worn with every dress. Women should educate themselves about what kind of footwear would look suitable with specific attire and then wear them accordingly. This not only ensures a high level of comfort for the ladies, but also makes them look fashionably sound.
Most women can easily avoid the above mistakes by having a clear idea of what is currently in trend and whether or not it will suit them. Always, remember that each and every trend is not required to be followed. Only usher in the fashion trend that ameliorates your personality and look,,, coz always trying to make yourself look better is Lyf!!

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