Masti ki Pathshaala

None of us can deny the fact that school days were our golden period and deep in our hearts each one of us wish to go back to our lovable school. Our first friendships, first love and first fights happened there only. In a matter of time our classmates become our second family and our class, a home away from home. Well, none of us can go back in time, but yes, we can take out a few moments to cherish our old school days. This post is dedicated to all those classmates, we met during our school life. Read more and remember those classmates who were a part of your life:

  • ‘I-know-all-the answer’ classmate
    There must always be one classmate, probably a girl who always knew all the answers and was the first one to raise the hand whenever the teacher used to pop up a question. And we used to wonder, how come this person knows it all… some Einstein connection?

Nerdy student with hand raised

  • ‘The chewing gum buddies’ classmate
    The chewing gum buddies are always two and seldom three. They enjoy with each other and can’t live without each other. If one is absent for a day, their world almost comes to standstill.
  • ‘I-have-the -power’ classmate
    This classmate was so powerful that he could take anything and everything from you by force, be it your food stuff or your assignments. This person never used to request you for anything, instead take it just like that. Such was the power!!
  • ‘Punishment ready’ classmate
    There was a classmate who used to be born-to-be-punished. Irrespective of the situation, the teacher or the class, he was bound to get punished. And whenever that person used to get his reward, i.e. punishment, it used to become a proud moment.


  • ‘Seat-possessive’ classmate
    This classmate was so much in love with his/her classmate that they simply can’t see another person sitting on their bench in the class. They used to get annoyed when somebody used to take their place. Don’t you dare to sit here!!
  • ‘Bhai pass kra dio’ classmate
    This is the copy cat friend, who used to totally rely on you during exams. They simply used to sit next to you and beg you to show the answers and you must have helped them pass the examination. I even remember exchanging answer sheets during the examination. Oh! I miss those cooperation days!
  • ‘I-got-so-less’ classmate
    Well, this classmate was the one who used to literally be in tears just because they scored very less, i.e. just 98% and missed becoming the topper by just 0.5%. Such a bad day for them. For such people world used to come to and end when they missed the topper tag. They were the person who used to hop from bench to bench asking the marks of the other classmates. Lol!
  • ‘Backbenchers’classmates
    I must say these bunch of people are the ones who have enjoyed the classes to the fullest. They got the highest form of fun. Playing and chatting during the class and then making excuses with the teachers used to be their territory.


  • ‘I-have-a-doubt’ classmate
    Last but not the least, this person was the question bank of the class. He always had qualms about each and every topic which used to be taught in the class. And at times it used to be out of the reach of the teacher to answer their queries. KBC in the making!!!!

I hope after reading this post, you all got back into the memories of the school time. We can never revisit the past, but can preserve it as a fond memory, coz that’s lyf!!!

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