She is the one to bring you to life. She is the one to feed you, wake up with you all night when you fall sick. She prays for you, she dreams for you, she lives for you. She is a mother. Mother: a word that is beyond any rational explanation. No doubt then why every guy looks for the shades of his mother in his life partner. Thatslyf here in a feeble attempt has tried to touch some of these qualities of every mother:

1. She is a great cook: No food can be compared to the food cooked by my mom. This is the most widely heard and widely said statement. She has got the ultimate taste mantra and a magic in her hands. She cooks a sumptuous meal even when you think there is nothing left in your kitchen. No doubt we wish we have a wife too like that.


2. She knows it all: Forgot something? You know where to find it. Mum.! She knows exactly what it is what you are looking for. From your favorite red shirt to your homework notebook, from your driving license to your laptop’s lost charger, she knows it all. She becomes the one stop solution to all the problems.


3. Keeps my extra piece of Pie: At your birthday party, she is the one who would steal away an extra bigger piece for you to enjoy later on. That extra piece of pie brings an extra smile on your face and that extra smile on your face brings an even bigger smile on her face. Who would not want to be a “Maa ka Laadla”.

4. She Protects me: Didn’t finish your homework? Getting home late from a party? Dad might be upset. Help me mom service is at your doorstep. She protects you, swiftly taking the blame on her or pretending to having scolded you already. I still remember how many beatings I have avoided just because of my mom. She is the real Durga indeed.


5. She teaches me: No, not literally always, but yes she has taught me a lot. She has taught me the value of sacrifice. How she sacrifices her willingness to go to her mother’s place so that she could stay with me to support me throughout the exam period. She teaches me persistently. She teaches me the true meaning of perseverance and love.

6. She cares for me: A mother is like a river. It flows not for itself but to reach out to every child of hers, she cares for. A mother symbolizes something supreme. A care so supreme that is beyond self. Selfless yet effortless. Who else would come up to wrap me in a blanket at night but her?


7. She keeps us United: A man makes a house, but a woman makes it a home and a mother makes it heaven. Blessed are those houses where the mother keeps everyone together under one roof.

8. She cries at my wounds: Got hurt? Don’t cry. But you also don’t cry Maa. A mother is the only one who would cry with you at your wounds and the only one who would again cry at your victory. You score first in the exam and she cries yet again. A mother is simply beyond our understanding.


9. She understands me: Yes this is a fact. I do not understand her, but she does understand me. I didn’t tell her that am sad, nor I told her the good news, how did she make out what I was feeling? Well perhaps that’s why she is the Mother.

10. She is just Perfect: Well this one is undeniably the least argumentative. One who understands me, loves me, cares for me, protects me, cries for me and on and on and on has to be the perfect one.


She may not be all for us, but for her we are all that she needs. She may not be a complete solution to all our problems, but she says we make her complete. We may forget to call her amid our busy schedules, but she remembers us in her every prayer. Being woman is the best thing that can happen, but being a mother is better than the best.

Here are loads of hugs and kisses to all the mothers from all their children on this Mother’s day, coz Mother: well she’slyf.

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