Life in a metro!

If you are a Delhite, you surely can understand what Metro means for us! I am a regular girl who juggles between the office and home, travelling via metro. There I meet or say get to see people who are although unknown to me, add a tinge factor to my journey. Some are just way too weird and some are a little bit sensible. There is no dearth of people who irritate and irate me like anything. So, today while travelling, I thought of dedicating a blog to these creatures by categorizing them.

Metro services hit as northern power grid trips
The moment you step in the metro, there is always a bunch of people who will stare at you from top to bottom, making you recheck your attire. Gender no bar, they keep staring at you till the time you shift to a different coach or simply show them your back. Guys staring at girls is pretty obvious; it’s their birth right and we girls, we are quite used to with those creepy stares. But when a woman checks me out, I certainly become skeptical about their sexual orientation.

Firstly the whole lot of crowd, kicking you here and there that makes you feel ‘Why I boarded this train’, and then a voice comes from behind asking for space. The reason being her makeup kit! Yes! Miss Make up carries a big bag, I do wonder what is stored inside it. From the bag comes out a makeup kit, and then the guide to ‘How to become beautiful in 10 minutes’ starts. But I still feel proud of these girls as they somehow manage to get into the makeup mood irrespective of the crowd. Proud moment!!

Aunties!! We all meet a variety of aunties in the train. They can be categorised as ‘chatty aunty’, ‘Moral police aunty’, ‘jodi maker aunty’ and ‘bull fight aunty’. A chatty aunty is the one who will take out your entire kundli by probing you like a CBI officer. She will also keep you updated about her- her job, her family, and if she has a son who is eligible for marriage, then you are her fish! She will try her best to make an alliance out of the train meet. The bull fight aunty will take all pains to get the empty seat. In this process if she jumps on your toes or her bags and other accessories crashes in your silhouette, then it’s your problem, not hers. To tackle such aunties, probably you should become an ‘Iron lady’.

We all encounter a girl or a guy who is on the phone, discussing each and every relationship detail in a pitch which is just so easily audible to one and all. These are the bunch of people who love flaunting the fact that they are in a relationship. If you carefully listen to their talks you can write a story on their love life. So listening to girls fighting with their ‘significant important person’ or guys uttering those lovey-dovey words should not be an alien thing. Enjoy the love story!
All of you must have encountered such erratic people on the run. You love it, you loathe it; but the fact remains that you cannot live without it. This gleaming train has a distinct place in our lives and careers. The moment the train stuck, our lives also come to a halt. Have a delightful run in ‘Life in a metro’!!!

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