Learn to pronounce wines Part 4

Hello dear readers,

We are back with a list of a few more wines and their correct pronounciations. Read ahead and become a oenophile.

Les Clos lay cloh
Les Forêts lay for ay
Les Preuses lay preuhz
Liebfraumilch LEEB frow milsh
Listrac lee strahk
Loire lwahr
Mâcon-Villages mac cawn vee lahj
Margaux mahr go
Médoc meh doc
Menetou-Salon meh neh too sah lohn
Mercurey mer cure ay
Merlot mer loh
Meursault muhr so
Moët moh ett
Mont de Milieu mon deh meh lyew
Montagny mon tah nyee
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo mon tae pul chee AH noh dah BRUTE so
Monthélie mohn teh lee
Montlouis mon loo wee
Montrachet mon rah shay
Moschofilero mos cho FEEL eh roe
Mosel-Saar-Ruwer MOH zel-zar-ROO ver
Moulis moo lees
Müller-Thurgau MOO lair TOOR gow
Muscadet moos cah day
Nahe NAH heh
Nantais nahn tay
Neuchatel NOI sha tel
Niederosterreich nee der OZ ter ryke
Orvieto or vee AE toh


Keep reading and improvising and we will be back soon with a lot more A to Z of Wines. Happy reading.

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