Is UPA The New Titanic That Tumbles?

Every form of government tends to perish by excess of its own principles. With UPA the basic principle seems to be promoting its newly discovered brand Rahul Gandhi. Seldom do we find the Indian National Congress (INC) fighting for the just cause these days. The decade long loot by its ministers has sown the seed of apathy so deep into the minds of the common man that anything they say against the new government does not do them any favor.

This also has another dimension to it. The UPA is so hell-bent in finding faults with the honorable Prime Minister, that it forgets that the people of India are not looking for the gaffe of Sri. Narendra Damodardas Modi but they are looking forward to a change. A change towards better tomorrow. A change towards justice and equality. A change which is justified and a change which is the need of the hour. The brand Rahul which the loyal inmates of the UPA endorse and uphold, lacks the virtues of being a charismatic leader. His being too coyish to speak on matters when the social media and the public wanted to hear him led him to be labeled as opine-less.

The UPA also tumbled because of too much of loyalty. Ever heard of a story, where the house was burgled because of too much barking of the dog, when the owners were out? The dog was shot dead and the house ransacked. I wouldn’t dare say much. A gesture is enough to the wise.

But for his mother’s help, Rahul would have drowned even earlier in this political flood. The recent mishappenings of the Lok Sabha and the wrath of the Youth icon though helped him to fetch the limelight, it went totally haywire demolishing its own foundation like Titanic, where the ship foundered and made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.


The congress party youth icon remembers the beating of drums by the Prime Minister and discordantly links it with the lack of electricity and rising prices of vegetables which he proclaims to be the concern of the mass. True indeed. The steep rise in price of tomato (which is definitely not for the rich people only, unlike as suggested by one of the ruling party ministers), or the lack of electricity is definitely a matter of great concern but how can beating of drums be a proof of disingenuousness of the Government?

Amidst the clamor of Rahul still learning the tactics of staying within the political realm, a turmoil within the family broke out. The debacle of UPA in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections led to questioning of both the falling popularity of Rahul and his mannerism of handling the party. The INC supporters started buzzing about another rising yet an underdog until now, Priyanka Gandhi. It was however out rightly denied by all the main congress spokespersons and confirmed that any such tiff is only the media hype and the ruling party’s strategy to undermine Rahul Gandhi. Priyanka Gandhi herself took to stage to clarify her unwillingness in joining the UPA. Such a state of discombobulation added to the misery of already ailing UPA.

However the Titanic of the old Titans has yet not sunk. If Rahul could not live up to the expectations, doesn’t mean he can never. This doesn’t make Rahul an inept future manager. He must buckle up, and stand but for the right causes. He must and should understand that India can see future in him only if he himself strives to make the future of India.
Presently, what he can do is watch. But watch carefully and sincerely. See what the dire need of the hour is. Where truly the new government falters? Simply blaring about stuffs that Sri Narendra Modi isn’t doing and which his party when in power wasn’t doing it either, won’t fetch him the plaudits.
Alas, but considering the UPA’s loud and pompous show of the brand alone and hardly any ideologies, and also the disparate attitude of its own party members the sound of Rahul Gandhi Clan being the only viable option is gradually transcending into a mere din.

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