I Wish It Were Real…

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Though not a Christian by birth, perhaps it was my missionary schooling or perhaps it’s the delicacies or the lights or the cakes or the wines that has made me love this festival the most. While Christmas is the most widely celebrated festival of the lots, it really drags me down to not see Santa in real (hush hush, I know he is real, Wink!). Here is a list of wishes I have got for which I want Santa to come home this Christmas and make them a reality.

• Wish- My deep freezer is loaded with ice-creams of all the possible flavors.
Reality- My deep freezer is semi loaded with ice cubes which have melted and frozen; again melted and frozen back, time and again thanks to the power cuts.

Scoops of Various Ice Creams

• Wish- If I were a Bachelor and if I were to live alone, I have to have sympathy towards Vijay Mallya and Co. I ought to jam my refrigerator doors with cans and bottles of beer.
Reality- My refrigerator door is jammed with water bottles which have turned cold dead. My mother says, water bottles do not get filled up on their own. Ooops.. I never knew that!!

• Wish- My mother should learn from Karisma Kapoor and Juhi Chawla how to make simple food look and taste more appetizing. How simply rolling a paratha with the icing of ketchup made food so yumm. Santa help my mum..!!
Reality- I open the fridge to slam it shut seeing cold Rajma mocking at me.

• Wish- Every time I open my refrigerator, it is overflowing with eggs, lemon squash, cakes, and ready to eat snacks.
Reality- If at all overflowing, it is due to all the weekly vegetables Maa made me buy on the weekly market. Uhh.. I can smell that lettuce even with my refrigerator door closed!!


• Wish- I grew up seeing Aladdin, so I fancy what if I had a genie. He would be serving me those red chicken leg pieces that looked so yummy!!
Reality- Either You order, you buy, you pay, you eat or you go, you shop, you cook, you eat and you clean. I can’t really enjoy after so much of an effort. Santa, only if I had a lamp..!!

• Wish- I could binge on ice-creams and cakes provided it doesn’t put me on the higher side of weighing machine’s scale.
Reality- Eat only “fibre” and “pizza” is allowed only after a walk for over a mile or you end up visiting your tailor for that extra one inch loosening of your trousers, for that extra cheese..!! Oh God, I asked Cheese burst, not waist burst. Why me?


• Wish- I go to a nice much talked about restaurant for having that awesome Burger which was in the newspaper advertisement recently. I wonder how I will dive into that flood of tasty cheesy delicious burger whose size appears to be bigger than my face.
Reality- The burger is just the same as the one being sold on the roadside. I have now ended up paying three times more than needed. The cheese perhaps was all spent on the advertisement and now all that I get is a dead body of the burger I dreamed of. Bugger off..!!

If you are a foodie like me then you must have dreamed about how your refrigerator must be filled with luxurious, sumptuous, scrummy food items all the time. It is outlandish that I have two refrigerators in one home; one colossal glutton like me; yet my fridges have all but what I dream and wish it to hold.

This Christmas I wish this harsh veracity to come to an end. I will sleep this eve of Christmas with a bag of hopes of Santa coming stealthily through the chimney of my home to fulfil my wishes, coz hope well thatslyf…!!

Share some of your wishes which you want Santa to fulfil this Christmas…!!

Thatslyf wishes its readers, a HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas…

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