How to Stop Whatsapp from using your data with this new privacy policy change..

Whatsapp has changed its Privacy policy and can now according to the new policy share all your datas with facebook to help facebook in gathering mass datas for the ad agencies which will show advertisements on your home pages as per your likings and recent searches. This break from the routine policy is not new for facebook which has time and again changed its privacy policies. Facebook which is a way for the people to communicate with their friends and relatives is becoming a host to a number of advertisements and pop ups.


But until facebook had acquired whatsapp, the privacy policies of Whatsapp remained utterly discreet and confidential. There were market speculations regarding changes in the policies of Whatsapp, that by acquiring whatsapp there will be some untoward and untold minor changes in the privacy policy of the company. Whatsapp thus even silenced its rivals by highlighting above each individual chats the following message:

                               “ Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end to end encryption. Tap for more info.”

But recent changes in the privacy settings of Whatsapp have brought the bubble to burst again. However we have brought for you ways in which you can bypass this new setting. Just read along.

                                             How to Change the Privacy Setting Back to Normal?

Go to Settings——— Accounts——– Share my account Info—— Uncheck the Box

That’s it folks. Do it ASAP if you do not want your data to be used for relevant ad searches.

Keep it simple, for simplicity….well Thatslyf..!!

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