Give Us A Break..

Today was a day full of laziness for me, as it was SUNDAY, the day I always look forward to. In that laziness flavour, I gave a thought on some of the weirdest dialogues, we females, age being no bar, have heard throughout our lives. These dialogues have been a part of our childhood, adulthood or whatever stage we are in and will remain so for ages to come. Have a look:

1. When are you getting married?
I am just bored to death with this question which is popped in front of me or anyone of my age by every second person. The moment you hit 24, you become eligible to answer this question. I ask you, why? It gives me a feeling as if I have taken birth just to turn 24 and get married to man of fame! People understand; we females, also, have our own set of dreams and desires, which may or may not be centered around marriage.


2. Why are you single?
I guess singlets can understand the pain of this question, as zillions of people might have asked them this. How can anyone answer why they are single in the crowd of ‘much-in-love’ couples? The reason is the dearth of the right person or the right person not willing to reciprocate. Is it necessary to keep hurting the person by asking this question? Or is there a market out there, from where a girl can get her man and change the relationship status to ‘in a relationship’. Give me a break!!


3. Oh! My God, you drink?
Isn’t the decision of drinking or not drinking a personal choice? I don’t think any code of conduct explicitly mentions that the females who drink are indecent, then why are they perceived so. Why are women questioned if she likes going out with her bunch of pals for a drink? Why should boys have all the fun… I wonder!


4. Is he your boyfriend?
This is the religion in our country, if you talk to a guy, he must be either your brother or your soul mate. Nothing in between is understood by our folks. You must have heard aunties yelling, ‘ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi hote!’ To those bunch if aunties, Grow up! A guy and a girl can share a bond of friendship, where they fight, understand and care for each other and simply hang out with each other. Please don’t ask for relationship tags for such beautiful friendships!


5. You should lose some weight, then you will look beautiful!
There is a saying, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder’. Have these people forgotten this one-liner? Looking pretty, has no relationship with being fat or thin. You can look ultra beautiful even when you score a little more on the weighing scale. Similarly, you can look awful even if you are thin. What matters is staying fit and healthy!

Image: Alexis Shapiro has been denied gastric bypass surgery by her insurer

I know you all must have heard these dialogues at one point or the other from your near and dear ones. They might have inflicted pain upon you with these questions, but no worries, laugh them off, coz that’s lyf!!

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