FYI: VASTU TIP: Sleepless Nights?

Are you having sleepless nights? Insomnia? Are you being addicted to sleep inducing drugs. Stop. Here is Vastu for your help. We guarantee these small things will help you a lot in the long run.

1. Before going to bed, wash your feet properly with water and soap.


2. Make sure your bedsheet is clean and tidy.

3. Keep your head while sleeping towards the south.


4. Color the Main Gate of your house in white color.

5. Keep a soothing small doorbell in your house. No fancy songs here.


6. Listen to soothing soft music before sleeping. Switch off the lights and close your eyes. Focus on the music with your ears and relax your eyes.

7. Keep your doors well oiled so that they do not make jarring noise.


8. Keep in your house a portrait of Lord Krishna where he is playing the flute. Make sure that the flute touches his lips.

Vastu is natural and easy and result oriented if you trust it wholeheartedly. Keep visiting thatslyf. FYI will be soon closing on its VASTU TIPS. But we assure you of bringing something even better. Keep reading thatslyf.

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