FYI: VASTU TIP: Scared of Staying Alone?

If you are afraid of staying alone in home, if you feel scared of someone’s presence or feel some negative energies in your house that spoil your work and efforts, try the following handful tips.

1. Any broken mirrors or window panes should be immediately removed and replaced.


2. Do not place pictures of gods and goddess in your bathroom.

3. Make a separate place for worship in your house and do not keep idols of God or Goddesss in every room or in every nook and corner.


4. While working in the Kitchen, place a mirror in front of the gas stove. The reflection of you cooking the meal should be visible to you. This reduces psychological lone factor.

5. Light Camphor in your house. Keep your curtains open during the day to let enough sunlight enter your house. Sunlight is the biggest source of positive energy besides being scientifically proven to cure several small deficiencies and diseases.


Some more tips await you. We will be back soon. Keep surfing thatslyf.

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