If you really want to get rid of those awful GrahDosh, that is proving hinderance to your success and growth and is an obstacle in the progress of your career follow these simple VASTU steps and stay happy.

1. Each day early in the morning play BHAJAN (Songs in the name and praise of God).


2. Do not take your meal on the bed. Either sit on a dining area specifically meant for it or sit in the kitchen of your house if it is big enough to accommodate your family. Eating on the bed brings ill health to the head of the family.

3. Keep your shoe rack well organized. No two shoes clinging onto one another or lying upside down. A well organized shoe rack is the starting point of well organized lifestyle.

4. Give the first chapati to Cow.


5. Make the background walls of the worship area of your house red in color. Pooja Ghar as we call it should usually be colored Red, as that’s the auspicious color.

6. Do not keep the broom of your house in a vertical standing postion. This way your VASTU negative energies are always active. Keep it lying and hidden from your direct vision.


With these small tips your GrahDosh will say goodbye and you will start feeling a lot of positivity around you. Keep reading Thatslyf for more. Have a great week ahead.

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