FRIENDS, this one word brings a wave of thoughts, because the phenomenon of friendship is needed as well as cherished by one and all. But if we delve deeper into thoughts, we realize that all friends are not the same. Some are pretty close with whom we hang out the most while some are just acquaintances turned friends, who are with us just as a time pass.


This is where the terms, REAL FRIENDS and FACEBOOK FRIENDS peeps in. Yes, it’s pretty hard to actually distinguish between who is the real friend and who is just faking around; but time always brings out the truth. Time will take its own course, but I thought to give my readers a gist of what is the difference between Real friends and Fake friends. Be guided:

 Embrace the mess you are!


The real friends love your dopey persona and all the dorky things you do in the day. They never try to depart from the scene when you start with the messy business and always end up joining you. The fake friends simply abandon you the moment you start behaving ridiculous as they care way too much for their own image.

 Your pillar of support

A real friend is there with you at every step of the ladder of life. They always encourage you to try different things, be it food, drinks, career or any hobby. They motivate you to the point you start taking up something new. A fake friend is always jealous of you; they have a feeling that if they encourage you for something new, they might get lost in the black cloud and you become the star.

 Stand by you


Guys, you do end up taking fights with the other guys. Do you have that one friend who stands next to you in every fight even when he is not even aware of the issue or is not even a party to the crime? He fights for you without questioning you. Yes! That’s your real friend!! I really don’t need to specify that the one who evades from the scene is your fake one!

 A shoulder to cry on


If you want to demarcate who is your real and who is your fake friend; try testing them when you are going through a bad phase. If you feel low, the fake friend will simply try to change the course of the talk and start with something that has no relationship with you. They are not concerned with pacifying you. Your real friend in the same situation will wrap his/her arms around you and listen to the troubleshooting aspect of your life. They will give you their shoulder to cry, because sometimes nothing seems better than crying. You can cry in front of them because you know, they are with you.

 Knows even your little eccentricities


We all are humans, we all have certain eccentricities that distinguish us from the rest. Your real friends knows all such quirks of yours, big or small. They notice each and every foible of yours, but never belittle you for that; which fake friends normally do. The fake friends make fun of your quirks and make you a laughing stock. Your real friend knows you will turn mad after drinks or you will end up behaving odd after such an incident; but they make sure to make good the situation rather than bullying you.

 Keep your deep dark secrets darker


Secrets are not to be told to everyone because only a few cares and treats it like a secret and the rest are interesting in knowing what the secret is. This is how we can draw the line with fake friends. The fake friends will folly around and play with your secrets, but your real friends will value the confidence you have put in and preserve it in their heart.

 Forgive you for everything

fake vs real friends

You commit one mistake and friendship came to an end, this is what is fake friendship. But when it is about real friends, the scene is totally opposite. Even if you screw up everything and create a mess, they still will forgive you. They might get angry at you, but they will not surrender their friendship, because of the simple reason that they value you and their friendship with you more than the temporary blunder you have created. They will take their efforts to make things work even when everything comes to a standstill. They will try to make things work, every time a messy thing occurs. Never, ever take such real friends for granted, you should also value and pamper them; because such real friends are rare to find.

 Remain in touch


Your fake friends ping you or may even give you a call when they have some purpose. Either they are desirous of getting some facts about a juicy gossip from you or they simply need some favour from you. On such calls, they may even forget to ask you about how you are doing and simply jump on the main element of the story. Your real friend, they will keep in touch whenever and wherever. They keep you updated about what’s happening with them and expects the same from you. They are not interested in getting some gossip from your mouth, rather , they care more about ‘How are you’. They only care about you, that is their sole purpose of sending you messages.

 Make time for you


Everybody is busy these days. Isn’t it? Your fake friends will always have an excuse of being busy, to lose touch with you. But your real friends will make time for you, irrespective of their busy schedule. They will drop a text or an email if they get even an hour between the office chores. They never forget to make you feel good if you have a bad day. Don’t you think they can also have a bad day, where they also need you? Never make your real friends feel lonely.


So, that’s my guidance for you!! If you are trying to decipher who is real and who is fake, then test them on the above mentioned points. Having a single friend who is genuine and makes your life wonderful is better than having a million friends who are fake. Get real and value the one who is real coz friendship is life!!!

Thatslyf wishes its readers Happy Friendships Day. Enjoy the bond of friendship.

Waiting to hear from you!!

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