Couples in and around us!

Love! I think this word needs no introduction. I myself being a firm believer of love, completely adore this feeling. Love is beyond age, this can be seen from the fact that even 10 year kids are in relationships. They are also facing the pain of breakups and joy of being in relationships. We do find couples walking hand in hand everywhere around us. So why not dedicate a post to them:

•    The ‘always together’ couple
Their togetherness is the thing we all should cherish. They are always found together everywhere and anywhere. For them, nobody else even exists except their mate. They are just so much in love with each other that they 24 X 7 you can find them busy with each other.

•    The ‘take a break’ couple
This couple gets into a huge fight, annoys each other to the core, take a break from each other and then after a few days they are together. This ‘break up and patch up’ couple are always a great disturbance for their friends as their friends have to listen to their break up stories at least twice a month.

•    The ‘childhood sweetheart’ couples
If you ask them when you started dating, they will bashfully reply that they love each other since they were in 7th grade. After hearing such answers I always wonder, how kiddish, I was in 7th grade. When these people had developed senses to understand love, I was busy playing games.
•    The ‘PDA’ couple
Ugh!! Why people have to get into physical things to display their love for each other and that too in public. Upright, this couple annoys me the most. You sit in a coffee shop, pay the price for your coffee with the intention of getting a quiet place to write and there in front of you sits a PDA couple who just want the world to know how much they love each other ‘physically’. For those genre of people, kindly abstain from giving our eyes a good show.

•    The ‘office couple’
They dare to defy the age old saying ‘Never mix work with pleasure’. They get hooked with the person they work with. Their love starts with a simple exchange of smiles, then exchange of whatsapp pings and then the rest is a history. They are often found coming to the office and leaving office together. In between the work, they are found sharing some mushy movements. Awww!
•    The ‘no-strings-attached’ couple
Although not new, the friends with benefits couple are a rage these days. This couple is not about love or emotion, but just about sex. They understand each other’s needs as well as wants and work their best to get them fulfilled. They share a good bond of friendship with each other, which is why there are into this ‘out of relationship love making’ thing. If you need more details on this subject, watch the movie,’Friends with benefits’.

•    The ‘made in heaven’ couple
This couple spends a considerable time to avoid falling for each other. But they have spent a lot of time with each other that no one else in this world could understand them better than they themselves can. They may run away from each other, but they are destined to be with each other. I have seen that the love stories of such couples are always way too cute!
•    The ‘secretive’ couple
They love each other and are in relationship with each other, but they want to keep it under wraps. They don’t feel comfortable if the entire world gets to know about their mushy mushy stories. There may be a case that even their best friend may not be aware about they are in a relationship. James Bond!!
I hope all those who are in a relationship and are a ‘couple’ must have found a place for themselves in this post. Love is a thing which only lucky people have in their life, if you have someone for you, you are lucky. Spread love coz that’s lyf!

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