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  • Top 7 Places Where You Can Beat The Heat

    Top 7 Places Where You Can Beat The Heat

    It is hot, it is humid, it is killing, yes its summer. As the temperature soars degree by degree, day by day, hour by hour, the only respite being visiting some cool and fun places to chill and relax. Thatlyf brings to you some options you can choose from, to beat the heat this summer. […]

  • Why Singapore Is The Best Honeymoon Destination?

    Why Singapore Is The Best Honeymoon Destination?

    Amidst the rising horde of people rushing to Thailand, Bangkok, Indonesia, and Maldives, people are forgetting that within a span of 5 hours from New Delhi, we can land on a plane that is so beautiful and surreal that it seems more of a dream than reality. But if living your dream is your dream […]

  • Top 6 cities one must visit this Holi..!!

    Top 6 cities one must visit this Holi..!!

    Come March and the people across the length and breadth of the country, gear up to celebrate Holi, the most colorful and exciting of all the festivals. The festival is celebrated with great zeal and excitement and people have great fun while spreading color and water in the air and consuming various types of foods […]

  • Street shopping destinations in Delhi

    Street shopping destinations in Delhi

    It’s said that nothing on this Earth can keep a girl away from her first love i.e shopping. And when it is Delhi, the entire shopping experience takes a new turn. The vibrant atmosphere of the flea markets located at various nooks and corner of the city, makes the Capital city one of the shopping […]

  • 5 Lesser Known Beautiful Tourist Places in MP

    5 Lesser Known Beautiful Tourist Places in MP

    Situated in the centre of the country, Madhya Pradesh is a much less traversed yet an exciting destination. Not many know that the foreign tourists find it a stimulating state and that here lie a number of spectacular visual treats. Thatslyf brings to you some lesser known yet beautiful cities that are a Must See. […]

  • a trip to akshardham

    a trip to akshardham

    If you’re one of those who live in Delhi then you must be well aware by the name itself what magnificence, Akshardham is. For those who still are wondering, I would do the hard work. Akshardham is a multifaceted Hindu temple in Delhi. The compound flaunts the varied colors of Hindu culture and the struggle […]



    Be it summers, be it winters, be it then or be it now, hills are a tourist attraction round the year. While some long for the snowfalls in the winter, others love the cool sunny morning of summers. The Hills promise of a striking scenic beauty. The music of the waterfalls and the tenderness in […]

  • tips for first time travel abroad

    tips for first time travel abroad

    The idea of traveling abroad for the first time brings with it the blend of enticement and trepidation. There are loads of things that comes to mind, right from the packing to sailing through the customs. When you are a novice traveler to abroad, the restlessness is beyond imagination as the only thing you are […]

  • Life in a metro!

    Life in a metro!

    If you are a Delhite, you surely can understand what Metro means for us! I am a regular girl who juggles between the office and home, travelling via metro. There I meet or say get to see people who are although unknown to me, add a tinge factor to my journey. Some are just way […]

  • Rajasthan-A Shoppers’ Paradise

    Rajasthan-A Shoppers’ Paradise

    If we search for the shopping paradises in the country, then the first and the foremost name which comes in every mind is Rajasthan. The shopping in this state includes all- from paintings to gems and jewelry to handicrafts to footwear to clothes. The bling of this state has a tradition of captivating the customers […]