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    Whoever said Cooking is difficult simply didn’t know, that cooking and baking are the two loveliest things in the world one can do for others. We at thatslyf here bring to you some cool recipes for your taste buds to relish on. Its simple, its easy, its fun and its superbly utterly scrumptious. Its Diwali […]

  • Top 09 Eating Joints Cum Restaurants One Must Visit In Noida

    Top 09 Eating Joints Cum Restaurants One Must Visit In Noida

    Are you a food junkie? Then this article is especially meant for you. Are you wondering if Delhi is the only place where you can get food at every nook and corner? Wait. We Noida-heights are no less, when it comes to delivering some tasty, scrumptious meals. Time to wake up a big time foodie […]

  • Gain Weight: The Healthy way

    Gain Weight: The Healthy way

    There is no dearth of articles discussing on how to lose your weight and have a focused regime for exercise and being conscious about what you eat during festivities like Holi, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Eid etc. But what about those who really have the opportunity only during these days to put on some body mass […]



    They say if your waistline is on an ever increasing spree, if your sweet cravings are on the higher side, if you have an unfocused exercise regime and if your belly has now taken the form of ‘D’, then warning bells should start to ring. Diabetes may knock any time at your doorstep. India has […]

  • 8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Heat Stroke

    8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Heat Stroke

    April has come to an end and time to welcome the most dreaded months of the year, when air conditioners and coolers seem to be the only possible answer to beat the Loo, and when doctors advice to stay indoors as much as possible. With the heat waves slapping on the face as hard as […]

  • What’s Your Strange Reason For Coffee?

    What’s Your Strange Reason For Coffee?

    Starbucks, Barista, Café Coffee Day, and many more such cafés are becoming a recent hit these days. What was the arena for the ‘Indian Coffee house’ alone at a point in time throughout India is seemingly losing its froth and foam to the well maintained, air conditioned expensive coffee lounges. Not keeping themselves restricted to […]

  • I Wish It Were Real…

    I Wish It Were Real…

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Though not a Christian by birth, perhaps it was my missionary schooling or perhaps it’s the delicacies or the lights or the cakes or the wines that has made me love this festival the most. While Christmas is the most widely celebrated festival of the lots, it really drags me […]

  • Starbucks: Excellence In Every Cup…

    Starbucks: Excellence In Every Cup…

    Starbucks is a brand so unique in it flavors, in its ambiance, in its culture and in its Coffee that it finds and makes its own niche among Coffee lovers. Offering a varied inventory of coffees and food items, it becomes intimidating for some when they first visit Starbucks on what to order and how […]

  • Diwali- The Healthy Way..!!

    Diwali- The Healthy Way..!!

    Diwali, the festival of lights is all about treating your taste buds. The festival brings with it loads of happiness and the entire week is about feasting on delicious sweets and heavier snacks. There can be a case that months long you have been surviving on the low fat diet to get into the shape […]

  • Lip Smacking Diwali Treats..!!

    Lip Smacking Diwali Treats..!!

    Diwali is round the corner and it calls for the time to delve into the luxurious scrummy, tasty, delicious rabris, jalebis, laddus, and Gulabjamuns. Just as the time to indulge into these yummy mouth watering delicacies turn up, a host of people and relatives bring to you an excess of these sugary treats that instead […]