Absurd reasons people give to get you married!

If I ask you, when is the right time to get hitched, you may keep wondering, but no answer will ever pop in your mind. Well, ask the people around you, particularly your extended family, they care way too much for your marriage, they can tell you when you should settle down. When you attain the age of 24 something, the sole motive of their life becomes to search for an eligible life partner for you and get you married off. Read further to find some of the weirdest reasons they will give you for getting hitched:

1.    Umar nikal rhe hai, shadi kar lo
This reason is at the acme of our list. The moment you cross 22, you are considered as growing old. They will give you ample reasons for not finding the right match the moment you reach thirty! That means, marriage is about age, not about life!
2.    All of your friends have got married. What are you waiting for?
Tell me, is there some competition going on as to who becomes a winner in the race of marriage? What if our friends got married? Is it necessary to follow them in this endeavour? Can’t we decide on our own as to when we should settle down? Why? Why? Why?

3.    Now you have a job, get settled down!
When someone says this I feel like reverting them back by saying I did school, college and finally job just to get married. Had I not done this job, I wouldn’t have become eligible for getting hitched! Is there some checklist, that says once you are done with your job, marriage is the only thing left in your life?
4.    Getting you married is our responsibility!
This dialogue is heard mostly by girls, as daughters are always the responsibilities of parents. Marriage is a big thing, a big responsibility. I feel it’s not the mistake of the parents, it’s the outside world who is to be blamed. Those not-so-important people keep inquiring the parents of the eligible bachelors, making them worried about the marriage of their dear daughter. Stop playing cupid!!

5.    If you don’t get married now, your kids will be delayed.
This is one of the weirdest reasons I have heard in my entire life span. We should get married to make babies. Producing babies is the sole motive of marriage, hence you get late for marriage, you in turn get late for kids. Oh, My God, the kids are waiting!!!
6.    If you don’t get married now, the entire league of your siblings will be delayed.
This is an emotional reason which is often given to the youngsters to say yes to a marriage proposal. They say, you are the elder one, if you do not get married, how will the rest of the siblings get their chance to taste the marriage laddu!

7.    Sharma Uncle’s beti got married, when will you give us this happiness?
This is the often uttered dialogues of mommies. They think their children are depriving them of the pleasure of seeing their children in the marriage attire. Please, dear mommies, understand us, it’s not that we are depriving you of anything. We just need time to decide the right time for settling down, once we feel our career is on the right track, we will play the marriage saga!
8.    Acha rishta aaya hai
Wow! Acha rishta ayya haii! I am overwhelmed! It feels as if you are a culprit or something that a good match can never come at your doorstep and this is like a blue moon. If it comes today, the offer is valid for today only. If you don’t grab it now, you lose it forever. Give me a break!

Marriage is a big decision; it can turn your life upside down; if not taken with utmost care. So, forget these people and get married when you feel it’s the right time for you, because it’s your life! Only you have the right to decide about it!
If you have heard more of such weird reasons for marriage, don’t hesitate to share!  We are waiting!!

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