A little more Intolerance

SRK has said it, Amir has said it. Ministers are shouting about it. We are coming in focus around the world. That one word which in the history of India would go deep down as a scar. Intolerance. Are we really intolerant? Or are we being portrayed as one? Why this mass portrayal? Are other countries untouched, unscathed from any riots, any form of dissonance? If there also clashes among the masses are in existence, then are they also not intolerant? Why only India? Or is the media giving unnecessary hype to the same?


Way too serious stuff? Well Thatslyf will not delve into all these. Let us leave this to those who do it good. Read ahead some sarcastic, satirical possible reasons as to why we could be a little intolerant. Mind you, these are solely meant for fun, so enjoy:


1. Tolerance to howl like a wolf in the Parliament: We have not howled enough I guess. We Indians always want to have the last word in every argument. The mere love of blaming, shouting at the top of your voice and poking someone in the eye is seen as having an edge over the other. The ministers in the parliament in the last monsoon session were no less than a congress of chimpanzees indulging in the dirty game of push and punch. Perhaps letting go the monsoon session just in thin air wasn’t tolerance enough.


2. Tolerance to Pee by the roadside: Being independent means to being wild and rustic. There is hardly any tolerance to pee by the road side with all these traffic rules and fines. In smaller cities at least the law is at sound sleep and we can water the garden whenever and wherever we want but it’s a mess if you are in Delhi. We cannot do away with our freedom and independence in this case dude. How intolerant of the lawmakers is that?


3. Intolerance to Violate Traffic rules: Well its three seconds before the signal turns red, let me dash forward my car ramming into others. Who cares? Damn these traffic rules. Either learn to tolerate my rash driving or give me freedom to jump lights, give me freedom to run over some, simply give me a break from such nonsensical intolerant traffic rules. My car, My choice, my way!


4. Intolerance to misinterpret Feminism: Feminism yeah I know that word. Lemme explain. It is dancing to the numbers of Sheela, Munni, and Billo. It is having extramarital affairs and being bold about it. It is walking with minimal clothing in public eye and it is your inability to tolerate me in the same.


Feminism is not about having anything to do with India becoming one of powerful women armies; it has nothing to do with having world champion women Kabaddi players. Ask some big names from Bollywood about it and they would enlighten us.


5. Intolerance to rape and rob: We have not had enough of those daily clichéd rapes and rob news. The girls out there on the streets are still somewhat safe. Perhaps the intolerance to rape and kill is high. Our very great media will go and ask the rapists and shoot a documentary on the plight of such miscreants. It is not my whims and fancies but our own selected ministers who have very strong opinions about the poor rapists and their vulnerability. We Indians need to be a little more tolerant to rape the foundation of our society. Yes!!


This article is not meant to offend. It is meant to arouse. It is dedicated to all the Indians who think we have not had enough of this one day patriotism. This satire is just to show mirror to some. Perhaps within this intolerant country lies buried a highly tolerating dead blood that doesn’t boil ever.

Perhaps it is time when we need some restraint, some more rules to guide us, some sticks to implement those rules and some self realization. Perhaps it is time to move beyond the social networking world, beyond changing the colors of our DP; to the real world; to realize how shallow we have become.

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