8 Reasons My Dad is the Best Dad in the World.

While God did something best by creating mothers, he did better than the best when he called the tougher ones..father. You know how emotional and sensitive your mothers are but we need both the sun and the rain and hence we have Fathers…our strength, our confidence, our Power to drive us through the thick and thin of life.


We at Thatslyf have tried to cite here some small unsaid, unnoticed and sometimes unrewarding raison d’être for which we are so so so grateful to our Dads.

1. He is the strength in Tough times: When you have your bad days and have no trust in yourself, there is one voice that is firm as a rock and confident as a hill. Your father, no matter how hard your days be, will always have faith in you and show you the bright side, motivate you to fight, guide you like a philosopher and walk with you in need like a friend. He is your strength, he is your willpower.


2. He knows what is best for you, Trust him: He is smart and fun loving not only for himself but also he is smart for you. When he says he knows what is best for you my kid, trust him blindly, coz he surely does know. He is always there to share his experience and wants to alienate you from all the potential bad experiences whatsoever by making you learn from his own.

3. He will look funny for you: Have you ever done this to your dad? Well nobody else could get it done..not even your mom…!!


4. He is the role model: He works day and night. He struggles and struggles not for himself. But for his kids and family. He teaches us the goodness in perseverance and the charm in honesty, the happiness in hard work and the satisfaction in little.

5. He is tough, but Weak too: Well if he tough with you its for your own good. He is there to balance the over sweetness of your mum. Coz life is not all mushy road. But he ain’t only tough dear. He married you to someone you loved, or to someone he thought is perfect for you, but does that end there? He wishes to speak to you daily once before the sunset to know what he already knows ..”everything is just alright.” He is strong from outside and from within he is soft as well as sublime.


6. He is unpredictable: Ok, so did he allow you today to watch TV or play football an extra hour? Well Dad is so sweet. Mom unnecessarily threatens me with his name…Wink

7. Nobody can be a Better Player than Him: He was my first friend and confidant as I grew up and is the best player ever known to me. He is the one with whom I can share my Cricket views..he knows exactly which bat is the best for me.


8. He will work tirelessly for you: No matter how tired he is after his daily work routine, he will remember to see you before you go to sleep in your bed or bring you what you asked him on his way back.


While there might be reasons aplenty for you to be not near him, there is no reason today for not contacting him through your heart and soul. Talk to him, wish him love, go and meet him, hug him, kiss him, listen to him and his advices like when you were a kid. Share your routine and listen to his’. In this hustle bustle and your busy life, just take out time for your dad and reach out to him. We can never be more thankful to god than now, for giving us this wonderful present. Love you Dad.

Thatslyf wishes every father a very happy father’s day. 1

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