8 Best Proposals in Bollywood for Propose Day

Bollywood is an inseparable part of our lives and when it comes to love and proposals, there is no comparison of the innovative ways of proposing and wooing a girl. Ever since the days of Raj Kapoor’s timeless movies and their simple ways of proposing and wooing the pretty ladies, there has been a huge change in how the Bollywood show proposing to your loved ones now. Let us look at some of these timeless Bollywood best proposal scenes that are close to our heart.

1. Dil to Pagal Hai: Who can forget the climax of Dil to Pagal Hai where the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit and the dashing Shah Rukh Khan are seen accepting their love for each other on stage, in front of the audience who applaud and cheer as the two embrace each other. It was a movie that tried blending the modern with the traditional and succeeded in that attempt too.


2. Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na: Though the climax was a clichéd one with the hero chasing the heroine to the airport and then the very obvious airport authorities turning into the nasty villains who ruthlessly prevent our hero from meeting his lady love, the audience still loved it. It was perhaps the loud and discordant song that our Jai and Aditi used to sing for each other that brought tears to our eyes and made the moment unforgettable.


3. Tanu Weds Manu: The most dramatic scene of the entire movie where our chulbuli Tanuja Trivedi aka Kangana asks our lovable Dr. Manu Sharma “Sharmaji pyar karte ho humse?”


4. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: To what extent are you willing to go and win the heart of your lady? Can you do the impossible? Well that is what the common man Surinder aka Raj does for his lady love and proposes her throughout the movie till she says the final ‘Yes’. Taani Partner anything for you.


5. Jab We Met: Love is not just about proposing your feelings to your lady love or vice versa. It is also about sacrifice. What Aditya Kashyap does for our Geet is unparalleled. Thanks to that train that left Geet behind, lest we should not have had such a beautiful romantic story.


6. Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani: What happens if you do not muster enough courage to propose to your lover and share your true feelings? Well, jesus has to come to rescue to fix your photo in her heart. The charming Prem woos the audience as well as Jenny with his sheer innocence. His ‘I love you Jenny’ post marriage was the heart winning dialogue of the entire movie. Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean, come and feel me…


7. Barfi: Love doesn’t always need to be expressed with words. This mute and deaf Barfi boy’s story of selfless love for Jhilmil who is equally incapable of understanding anything save for the love of Barfi is simply mesmerizing. The two live together and die together in this eternal love story, leaving behind none to live alone.


8. Hum Tum: People make mistakes, therefore pencils have erasers. This is what our male protagonist does in this movie. But post realization, Karan aka Saif Ali khan writes a book where he expresses his feelings for Rhea aka Rani. Rhea reads the book and she in turn falls in love with him all over again. Can you write a book for your Rhea?


Valentines is still a few days away. Make sure you have a blast until then. If you have someone special in your life who you want should be there for the rest of your life, try figuring out which method would you choose to propose to her; Bollywood style or your own?

Share with us how you proposed or plan to propose to your significant other one. Thatslyf wishes its readers a very happy propose day..!!

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