7 Things we Indians are Obsessed about..!!

Obsession is the keyword of this post. We all hate obsessed people, but over and large, each of us are obsessed with one or the other thing due to which our country glitters in the list of obsessed countries of the world. India caters to a plethora of religions, convictions, cultural values and conceptions; with each of these the things of obsession are also flourishing. We have created our own world and bordered it with a certain obsession which may or may not have any valid base.

Let’s glance through the obsessions, our countrymen are tainted with:

 The dark obsession with Fair skin


We all are obsessed with fairness. We objectify beauty with the quantum of fairness a person has. This is the reason for those fairness creams tightly gripping the Indian market. From matrimony to job, everybody looks for a Fair girl/boy. Why is that so? Even if we go back to our holy books, such as the Mahabharata, nowhere they have defined the feminine beauty with ‘Fairness’; probably our idols were not aware how important it is to be fair to look beautiful or handsome. Not Fair enough!!

 The 25 years Marriage obsession

The moment you cross 25 without getting into the institution of marriage you become the favourite target of all. The things like fault with the stars or something wrong with the person will start popping up. Reasons such as career or lack of inclination towards marriage are not present in the Indian book. We have made marriage a task, which we ought to complete by 25 years of age. If I am not wrong, marriage is related to soul and not age! Get married!!!

 The Jyotshi obsession


‘Yajman aapki hatho ki rekhayein keh rhe hhh…. ‘, the dialogue isn’t an alien one to any of us. We all have heard it at some point of time. Why we depend so much on some jyotshi for our future? Why can’t we work towards making a better tomorrow. Do you really think these jyotshi will bring something good for you? They won’t; it’s a vicious circle and they will entangle you to the point you will lose faith in yourself. Wake up!!

 The English language obsession

I remember travelling with a family, where the kids were not allowed to speak Hindi, as it is considered as a low standard language. See, the level of obsession, we Indians feel our mother tongue as a low standard language and English as the superior one. Remember the beautiful portrayal of Sridevi in English Vinglish of a housewife who struggled to meet her family’s obsession for English.


This thinking persists in every household these days. Speaking a good English is an added advantage, but considering Hindi as low standard is a sin. Never look down upon those who speaks a very good Hindi!!

 The superstition obsession


If a black cat crosses your path, you won’t take a step forward. If someone sneezes, we won’t start something new. We wear black on Saturdays and fears if a cat cries near our home. This is not only the case of rural people, but the educated and elite faction also stands by this. These superstitions are playing havoc a now, try giving a new outlook to your life. Is the modern Indian society still under superstition?

 The Cricket obsession

Cricket is a religion in our country. Well, that’s good.


But the grey area is that other sports are not getting their due credit. Hockey, the national game of our country is not even given any importance. The obsession does not end here. If Team India loses any cricket match, we throw stones on the player’s home and if they win, we interview their family members. Can I call us muddle headed people?

 The Engineering obsession

I myself am a commerce postgraduate. The entire life I have heard people telling me that science is only for brighter minds and the rest have to compromise with commerce or humanities. So, if you are not an Engineer or a doctor, you have nothing worth cherishing. People talk about bright mind, and I am here talking of mindset!! Change the mindset, something good will come up!!


With this post, I have no motive of inflaming rage among the readers. I just want you all to rethink on what you are doing with yourself and introspect. Obsession is fine till the point it does not engulf your life and perturb it. Lead the life with fresh thoughts and not under any obsession, coz a free life is what we call Thatslyf!!

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