5 Ways To Mend The Bond Of Friendship

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For many out there, friendship is life. A good friend in life portrays a number of roles right from being the sympathetic ear and confidante to being the companion in pranks, silent walks etc. The friend is the storehouse of happiness, motivation, courage and moral support. We all rely on our close pals for almost everything.


But many of us must have faced the situation where a small and not so significant thing had caused a major rift in the friendship. Are you facing the task of recapturing the old friendship cumbersome? To make your task much simpler, this article is penned down particularly highlighting the ways which can aid in mending the old friendship. Here are the top 5 things you can do to rebuild your broken bond of friendship. Enjoy the musings:

 Never hesitate from saying ‘sorry’


If you feel you have committed a mistake, which ruined your friendship, never hesitate from calling your dear friend to apologize. Just remember, we all are humans, we are born to commit mistakes, but the trick lies in correcting the mistakes and restoring everything back to normal. In case the things have gone a bit far, and that particular friend is avoiding you, take the essential steps to convince the friend to at least listen to you and then explain your stand and clear out the misunderstanding.

 Friendship holds more value than ego


This is the case when you are very much clear that your dear friend is at fault. But if the friendship holds great value in your heart, it’s never bad to approach the friend and compromise just for the sake of the good time you both have spent together. Just approach him or her and initiate the conversation, it might be a situation that they realize their mistake on their own. However, it is imperative to not let the ego dominate your friendship, as once ego pops up in between; everything gets destroyed in fractions of a second.

 Search for a helping hand

If all the steps in this direction are failing, it’s the high time to take the aid of a mediator i.e. a common friend, who is in good terms with you as well as your friend. Ask the common friend to make your friend understand the situations which created fuss or make two of you clear your things in his presence. This way at least you will get to know the reason behind the eccentric behavior of your-once-good-friend.

 Give some time

Having done all the above, give your friend some time to get hold of the statistics right. Let your friend realize your worth and the worth of your friendship. As the time will move ahead, you both will miss your friendship and the friendship will come back on the track.

 Time to ‘let go’


Even after you made all the best possible efforts to regain the lost friendship, but your friend is paying no heed. It’s time to say ‘goodbye, once good-friend’. It certainly pains when the friendship ends, but it is also a fact that you can’t own anyone; if the other person is not ready to continue the friendship, it’s their loss!!! Such people are not your real friends; it’s good that you got the real face.

A friend will remain your friend no matter how many misunderstandings crops in between. But trying to hold on to a person who has already left is similar to holding together the pieces of a broken glass. Just learn to move on from a broken friendship.

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