You’re simply perfect in your simple imperfections!

‘Perfect’ and ‘Imperfect’; these terms have created a havoc in the life of many out there. Day in and day out, we are looking for those who can be tagged as the representations of what we consider as ‘perfect’. We are in the rat race of getting the perfect job, the perfect attire, the perfect hairdo, the perfect house, the perfect body, the perfect life partner and wholly,  the Perfect Life!

I wonder why are we running after such huge lane of perfection. Why are we so obsessed with this term ‘perfection’? Why are we living this life under the pressure of being perfect and getting the perfect? Don’t you think that this burden of perfection already pushing your life towards imperfection? You are actually punishing yourself for getting this said perfection; because perfection is nothing, but an illusion. The life itself is not perfect; the world we live in is not perfect, the people around us are not perfect; then why are we running to become perfect?

The fact is that life is never perfect and it never will be. The ups and downs that one has in life, makes your life worthy of moving forward. It’s high time that we stop ourselves from pursuing the so-called perfect life, instead motivate ourselves to accept our imperfections and try to use them in the best possible manner for a positive outcome. Always remember, that happiness is not something that can be attained when everything is just perfect in your life, instead the feeling of happiness can be attained when everything is imperfect.

It’s high time we embrace our imperfections. We bring to you the ways you can search for perfections in your imperfections:

    Accept your imperfections with perfection
It may be an oxymoron, but that’s a fact! We all are born with certain expertises and skills, which no other has. So, instead of cribbing about what you don’t have, focus your energy on the blessings God has given you. This simple acceptance of what you have and what you don’t have will give you a sense of freedom, a sense of relief and a feeling of happiness. It is always important to have a realistic view of your own life.

    What others say is not your reflection
We often feel saddened and shattered by what others say about us. At times, we are at the hands of merciless teasing and bullying because of some imperfection we have. What others say and do is the reflection of their character and not you. The only solution is to speak up for yourself and for the sake of your dignity. By speaking up, you may risk yourself to more of such harsh words, but over the time you will learn to survive. Always remember the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent’.

    Your imperfections can make you a better person
To use your imperfections for a better future, firstly face your imperfections with an open and honest heart. Your imperfections are your golden opportunities for personal growth. All you need to do is to accept them, think about them and then use them in an efficient manner for your own good. Never let your imperfections hold you back from getting near to your ambitions.

    The journey is long
Imperfections live with you. There are days you feel that you are on a sadder platform because of your imperfection. On those days recommit to yourself that you will lose your imperfection in a perfect manner. Don’t lose your belief in yourself. On your life journey, you need to constantly reassure yourself that your imperfection is perfect.

Always remember that you are born with wings, don’t compel yourself to crawl under the burden of perfection. I am a born imperfectionist, so are you! The world needs you the way you are! A life with perfect imperfections is what we called Thatslyf!!

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