Why you must write Love letters?

We all are tech-savvy, things like writing love letters seems to be an old school task. But I firmly believe that you should also write letters to your partner. SMS and Wastapp pings do play a significant role in your love life, but the love letters; they have their own aura. Love letters give you the freedom to elaborately express your feelings to your partner, as when it is about love, “the more, the better” is the rule. But, don’t follow this elaborate methodology everywhere in your relation as at times a sweet and crisp reply is what the partner needs. Now to put more weight to my thought of writing letters, I will give you certain reasons for writing those unsaid words to your partner:

Write the unsaid..
This is the beauty of writing love letters; you can actually write what you haven’t told your partner till date. You may love him or her, but it is not always the case that you express everything to them. When you put down those words on the letter, you actually get the liberty to dive in that ocean of thought. At that time, what you write is pure and straight from the heart. And believe me, the words you pour on the letter are way too touchy than what you usually write on the tech apps.

Strengthen your bond..
Writing with a pen is always way too hard in comparison to typing on those android phones. When you write yourself, in your own handwriting, even your partner will realise how much you think of him. This will strengthen your bond and adds to it a new quotient of love. The time you spent in writing that letter, you will get your own ideas and thoughts to express your love for your partner and make it an enthralling one. By writing the letter, you get the chance to cherish each and every moment you both have spent together. You can walk down the memory lane or simply express what he/she means to you.

Safe keeping..
When you send pings on watsapp or SMS on the mobile, there are good chances of it getting destroyed due to battery storage or any other mobile related problem. But when it is a letter, your partner can safely keep it at any place where he/she wants. That piece of paper will always remain a memorable gift for your partner and he/she can read it whenever he/she wants it. They can keep it in their almirah, locker, bag or wallet.

Helps in tough times..
When your partner feels dejected, or your relationship hits the rock, the letter can help in bringing things back to normal. There are moments in your relationship, when you feel weak, so for those weak moments, the letter can help in providing the needed strength to both of you. In a nutshell, the love letter can act as a beautiful and romantic remedy. Read them at the time of trouble and the trouble will vanish.

Best when in long term relationship..
Long distance relationships have their own set of pleasures and troubles. When you are in a long distance relationship, these love letters can act as a great companion for adding flavour to your relationship. Writing letters to each other is a way to tell the other how much you care for them. The partner can read them whenever they want and feel that their partner is much closer.

On this Valentine’s Day, visit the old school, take out a paper and pen and write whatever comes to your mind when you think of your partner. I am sure that something good will come out. Feel free to share your experiences with the pen and the paper and how your partner reciprocated your efforts.
Thatslyf wishes its readers Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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