Why Singapore Is The Best Honeymoon Destination?

Amidst the rising horde of people rushing to Thailand, Bangkok, Indonesia, and Maldives, people are forgetting that within a span of 5 hours from New Delhi, we can land on a plane that is so beautiful and surreal that it seems more of a dream than reality. But if living your dream is your dream then, hey welcome to Singapore. Thatslyf here brings to you top seven spots one must visit in Singapore and Malaysia while on their honeymoon.


1. Land in Malaysia. If this is your first time outside India you’re going to fall in love with this country. No dust, no scorching heat, a pleasant sunny weather with exotic locales to visit. You will have to keep blinking your eyes to realize what you are going to live here for the next five to six days is not a dream. If travelling is your Achilles’ heel then run on day one to the Patronas Twin towers. These are twin skyscrapers and are the landmark of Kuala Lumpur. The diamond shaped building is world’s tallest building till date.


2. Putrajaya: Located south of Kuala Lumpur, this planned city is named after the first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra where Putra means ‘Son’ and Jaya means ‘victory’. It is the administrative centre of Malaysia and a very peaceful and a great picture stop for tourists.


3. Sunway Lagoon: This is a well thought theme park in Malaysia where you can enjoy amusement park , extreme park, scream park and surf beach. While in scream park you get a chance to scare the hell out of yourself with mummies chasing you and zombies eating you up, surf beach is a pleasant firsthand experience at beach surfing. The wildlife park is a great place to come close to the exquisite faunas.


4. Sentosa Island: Situated in Singapore, this island is a great tourist spot cum resort where one can enjoy a number of eye opening stuffs ranging from the open cable car to a refreshing spa.


The underwater world and dolphin lagoon are a big treat to eyes, as is the statue of Sentosa Merlion. The real adventurous 4D movie experience is once in a lifetime thing in here.


5. Night Safari plus River Taxi plus city tour to Singapore eye can be a great idea for your one of the relaxed days of honeymoon. Plus a hassle-free stay at hotel and some street shopping is also a nice idea.


6. Universal Studio: where imaginations know no boundaries. That’s Universal Studios for you. One cannot just explain in words what one gets to feel and see here.


We literally live our Hollywood movie experience here. From the transformers, to Madagascar, from Jurrasic park to ancient Egypt it has all. The tallest roller coaster to the amazing Steven Spielberg movie experience, one cannot just stop loving it, however incorrect the grammar is.


7. Genting Highland: Built on a hilly area, Genting highland is one of the largest resorts with more than ten thousand rooms to accomodate guests at one time. a place where you can go clubbing, spa, casinos, restaurants and what not.


A four kilometer long cable car takes you vertically up the resort in twenty minutes. Into the clouds and later even above them. It’s a small reminiscent of Ooty of India.

This is not all and there are still many things to see around in Singapore. If time permits one can visit Madame Tussad’s wax museum also. But hard truths be told. Honeymoon is just a part of life and is sure to end soon. Pack your bags filled with sweet and everlasting memories that soon shall become memoirs as you endlessly talk to your family about the extreme fun and your long lost dream that you have just lived.


But none the less, life moves on and so shall we. Thatslyf will soon bring some more exciting tourist destinations apt for a second honeymoon perhaps. Till then cheerio coz thatslyf…!!

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