Why Akhilesh and Rahul are not the youth icons that our Youths correlate to?

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What a true youth icon is? Or What he or she ought to be like?

Is that What Rahul and Akhilesh need to learn from Prime Minster Modi who cannot be Youth Icon per say, but infact IS?


He isn’t a youth, but yes definitely an icon, for the results at least say so. Our Prime Minister has been of late, the one who exudes an energy and has a charm that defies the traditional definition of youthfulness. Be it yoga or be it his perseverance or be it as he prefers to call it, the insatiable thirst for quest, the undying vigor spent for the betterment of all and sundry.

Haters gonna hate and liberals gonna label me as Bhakt, but even if one views in neutrality the mere efforts of a change are so apparent and out, that it is something one cannot turn a blind eye on. So is it the experience with age that gives Modi an edge?


Well it isn’t the age alone that has given Modi an added advantage over his peers, it is the myopic vision in the opposition and the lack of substance in the ideologies that they carried on their shoulders. Merely boasting Modi as the threat to democracy was a picture shown by the henchmen of the opposition but clearly it wasn’t seen in unison with the public of India (well most of them) if not all.

The connect that Mr Modi kept with his audience was another added advantage to him. Akhilesh and Rahul the Youth icons being projected by the media and the political parties forgot that the youth in today’s world feels the need of his leader to be connected to him or her, which was surely lacking in the opposition because the one basic thing that both Rahul and Akhilesh missed to read from the faces of the youth was the enervation from the dynasty rule.

Were the ideologies that the duo reflected from their so called charismatic personalities were enough to magnetize the youth of today? Or were they swaying like poppy seeds with the faux winds of whims that their henchmen created an aura of…Never touching the ground realities?

What the new India wanted was nothing but a change….change for the better…change towards a better tomorrow…a change towards a hope that corruption free India is not a dream but a reality…!!  Coz Change….Well thatslyf….!!

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