What Facebook Weirdo Are You?

Quite often than not people would agree how much this world is filled with idiots and weirdos. How much they are different and how much the world except them of-course is insane. A world inside this world which is not exceptional and not untouched with this pattern of thinking is the Facebook world. Yeah true, Facebook is a world in itself. People have created their own small planet of likes and shares, of posts and pics, of pokes and ticks and inhabiting this planet are certain weird creatures. Let us look at some of these weirdos.

  1. The Candy Crush Weirdos: No matter how much you hate it, no matter how much you block it, urge it, request it, detest it, protest it, your friends won’t stop sending you candy crush requests. Understanding that a person may have other things to do than simply play ‘candy crush saga’, is way too difficult for these weirdos. Perhaps ignoring is the only possible remedy developed so far…


  1. The Tag Along Despos: Facebook should conduct classes for the understanding of people what ‘Tag’ feature is made for. If I do not see myself in a particular pic of yours or that some pic does not relate to me in any way or doesn’t remind me of anything then I am not supposed to be tagged there. But you can easily find despos tagging all and sundry even in their own selfies. Heights of attention seeking


  1. The Food Flood: You open your Facebook and you are scrolling the home page. Suddenly you get the glimpses of all the world cuisines on your homepage. This is something your friend must have made, something which was perhaps a kitchen disaster, something which you won’t be able to distinguish and some name which you won’t be able to enunciate. That something was made by some friend of yours and now he has instead of eating it, posted it on facebook, under the caption ‘My first lasagna…’. I feel like commenting ‘I ain’t gonna eat that…’lol


  1. The Profession Obsession: These are next in rank to being the most annoying person in the virtual world. If they are a doctor they would post the images of their clinical ugly procedures, if they are a teacher they would be correcting your grammar on the social platform and if they are in merchant navy they would keep you updated with their next voyage. I guess engineers are the only humble ones who seldom boast about their joblessness. Wink..!!
  1. The Gross Group: Facebook has suddenly turned all gross. It’s like watching some gross Hollywood movie rather than social media page. People keep flooding your home pages with such disturbing images that puts your mood to a swing. If you want to relax for a while from your work by facebooking you might end up getting nauseated. Please guys share only if it solves any purpose else refrain…


  1. Party Animals vs The Sages: These groups of people have the opposing traits and both are perennially promoting their class of people. While the party animals are those species which are found in all the parties and festivities going around in the world making you wonder if they ever work or are simply born to party, the Sages are the spiritual lots or freaks who simply share and post all the images and ideologies that motivate towards Godliness. They sometimes become a nuisance when the superstition overtakes spiritualism and unnecessarily we are asked to share some pic of Sai Baba in 3 seconds or if you see Jesus share in 10 seconds or else evil shall come to you. Spare us the torture guys..


  1. The “Click Me” Queens: This category is limited to girls only. The queen bees can be seen posting their at least one photograph daily on Facebook and asking for likes and comments from their friends list. Basically they have little to do else work and are promptly seen posting pics ranging from their selfies diva look to when they were cute little chubby baby look.‘Allah k Naam pe EK like de de re baba..’
  1. The Check In Weirdos: If you are eating at a restaurant please finish your meal, if you are dancing on the DJ, please shake your bum, if you are driving to Manali, please look on the road. The Check In weirdos have a habit of telling exactly where they are and doing what and feeling what. While telling to sundry people where you are isn’t so bad as that, it gets worse when you scroll your homepage to read “blah blah blah is in loo, feeling Smelly” lol.


Whichever categories you may fall under, remember that the world is beautiful because of the presence of these weirdos too. The world brings some spice in your life because these weirdos make sure of it. You may not be one amongst them but you can still learn to love and live with it… Coz weird well thatslyf …!!

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