VASTU TIP: How To Succeed In Exam

How to Succeed in any Exam.

This goes beyond saying that it is your hardwork and well planned prior study that will help you in passing with flying colors, but some handful tips that cost you nothing, can be tried anytime to give your best shot.

We know how much competition is there in today’s world and how important it is for any student to fetch great marks to plan his or her future.


Here are some vastu tips for you on the same. Happy Reading.

1. Make sure your study room is in the NORTH EAST.


2. If your room is having at least one Yellow colored wall, you will just do wonders.

3. If your wholehouse is white, make sure the curtains are dark and even the furniture is dark colored. It helps out in balancing the Vastu Energy of your room.

4. DO NOT pile books on your table. Keep only those that you are studying and others which you are not should be kept in Almirahs. Cluttering your table with excessive books, clutters your thought process.


5. Do not leave your book opened and roam here and there. If you want to relax for five minutes, make a bookmark, close your book and go.

Leaving books wide open dissipates energy so focused on study.

These are some small and silly tips for you. Just keep in mind and it won’t cost you a fortune in implementing them. Thatslyf makes sure that we never propagate any VASTU TIP that leads you in spending money or feeling cheated. Vastu is a science, just like you study any other science.

We will be back with another handy tip later. Keep surfing.

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