Top 09 Eating Joints Cum Restaurants One Must Visit In Noida

Are you a food junkie? Then this article is especially meant for you. Are you wondering if Delhi is the only place where you can get food at every nook and corner? Wait. We Noida-heights are no less, when it comes to delivering some tasty, scrumptious meals. Time to wake up a big time foodie in you and engross in the lip smacking delights, these restaurants cum Eating Joints, situated in Noida, offer to you, at your platter, of your choice, in your budget.


1. Doosri Mehfil: This restaurant tops the list in its uniqueness. The chairs that hang from the ceiling like a swing gives your mood a fresh start. The meals are scrumptious especially the Murgh Malai Tikka (along with liquor if you so please). Well the uniqueness doesn’t end here. The restaurant boasts of live Ghazal performance with mesmerizing Tabla wherein you can ask a Ghazal of your choice to be sung. One cannot just visit this restaurant for once for sure. It calls for another and another visit and another, yet another. Here is the zomato link for your ready reference:


2. Al Nazeer: A smaller joint cum restaurant this place is always filled with the aroma of great Tandoori Murghs and Muttons and is always full of people relishing on the same. Try there is the link for your ready reference: Al Nazeer


3. The Tandoori Village: This one is totally different from the other two. Situated inside TGIP Mall, the restaurant is a little Hatke. The quantity being served here in your platter is going to be beyond your thinking. The food is tasty, but the best part is they also have 24 hours happy hours. From ordering strong Kingfishers to mocktails- the best one being “the Bull Fighter- a royal mixture of vodka, bacardi and RedBull.” Another clichéd yet popular drink the “Mojito” is a good choice here. Read the review at : The Tandoori Village


4. Chacha Rolls: Not only the restaurants, but also the road side eating joints as well can challenge Delhi anytime. Rolls from all types of vegetarian or non vegetarian flavors with mayonnaise and mustard sauce are simply yumm. Opposite to the TGIP mall, next to Bank of Baroda, this roll stand is perennially a busy and first stop for youngsters and college goers.


5. RollsKing: This one is another roll stand which is as hit in Noida as Kareems in Delhi, if not less. We hardly need more lines to describe what it is. You can read more about the same below at Zomato: RollsKing


6. Desi Vibes: Yet another charming and interesting dining point in Noida sector 18, where you can come and have a feel of rustic rural India. Yes, the ambience represents here the countryside of India. The complimentary Jaljeera and the full platter of assorted Pickels is a real treat which you get here. Visit the restaurant on a new years eve or a Christmas eve and they hand over to you some surprise special gifts to make it even a better than the best experience. Read the review at zomato here: Desi Vibes


7. The Biryani Paradise: If quantity is what you are looking for in your platter, then this place is meant for you. If chicken biryani is what you crave for then this place is for you. But a word of caution here. Do not order anything other than biryani here. The restaurant stands true to its name and excels merely in biryanis but no such finesse lies in delicacies such as curries. Read more at Biryani Paradise


8. Barbeque Nation: Visit anytime they are offering a buffet. If you are a vegetarian you may have a dull start here, because the eating joint excels only in non veg cuisines. However there is one more thing that need s to be mentioned here. The desserts. Read for yourself the reviews at zomato here: Barbeque Nation


9. Lit UltraBar: Planning a bachelors party? You can have it here in Noida sector 18. The bar cum restaurant is a two floor dim-lit hall, here in the first floor is basically for sitting, drinking and smoking including hookah, while the upper floor is for you to break the dj floor dancing to the tunes of a rocking Dj. The restuarnat doesn’t have a tandoor, and hence do not offer Tandoori dishes, but chilli chicken as an alternate order dish is extremely tasty here. See more at zomato here:LitUltraBar


Well truly speaking the list is not exhaustive and those that were left out can too, soothe the appetite of the famished. Do write to us below in the comments section, if you think we missed out on some very important places to eat, dine and chill in Noida. If you have still not got a chance to visit on any one or more such restaurants mentioned above, hurry up and savor your tastebuds.

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